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Yahtzee hands down

  • AegicoAegico508,911
    Posted on 26 November 10 at 06:34, Edited on 25 July 11 at 08:25 by drabik
    Does anyone know what the rules are for this colossal piece of shit? I think I match the card and I can't get what's happening. The explanation the game gives blows and doesn't tell you anything. I really hate both Hasbro and Family Game Night because of this type of crap.angry
  • MysticWeirdoMysticWeirdo1,780,655
    Posted on 26 November 10 at 18:06, Edited on 26 November 10 at 18:07 by MysticWeirdo
    A - Mark card for discard
    B - draw new cards (at least one must be marked)
    A+B - go hands down.

    What you need to do is match the combo on the combo card(s). The are 6 types: 3 of kind, 4 of a kind, full house, small straight (run of 4), large straight (run of 5), and yahtzee. The cards in the combo must be the same color, except for the full house where the 3 of kind can be one color and the pair another.

    The are various types of wild cards, the ones marked WILD match any number in that color, the dies on edge match the 2 numbers shown, and the number with the 3 colors shown which match than number in any color.

    NOTE: It does not need to be your turn to go hand down.

    Keep drawing cards until you can go hands down. In original mode two players need to go hands down and then the best "hand" wins the combo card, the other gets a bonus card that will be worth a random number of point. Remix is a timed game where you're racing to match the one combo card displayed.
  • AegicoAegico508,911
    Posted on 26 November 10 at 21:45
    Thank you. If they made those the instructions, I wouldn't have been puling my hair out.
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