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Friend add thread for multiplayer achievements

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 29 September 14 at 19:53
    If you need a friend ... you can add me :)
  • Mince Pie 77Mince Pie 77322,639
    Posted on 02 October 14 at 19:31
    Pick me Pick me!!

    Could do with some friends that know how to play the whole "weak" defense thingy so I can actually invade them and also do the resist invasion when they invade me! Far too often I'm up against level 40 guys/girls with a health bar of over 600 and I can't even kill one of them before they wipe me out!

    Mince Pie 77 (obviously...)
  • JORAXJORAX1,858,030
    Posted on 20 October 14 at 01:26
    Add me as a friend please, need active players/friends. GT = JORAX
  • JuanmaEiroaJuanmaEiroa910,226
    Posted on 17 November 14 at 18:59
    Add me if you need help!

  • krivchakrivcha63,254
    Posted on 13 December 14 at 10:56
    Working on Invade/Resist invasion.

  • Posted on 02 January 15 at 14:16
    Need friends for this game
  • GamePadZebbyGamePadZebby866,298
    Posted on 23 January 15 at 17:36

    Will add back, daily user
  • XtowersXtowers857,571
    Posted on 28 January 15 at 01:16
    Add Xtowers. Send a message with the request too if you please. Going to grind out the Win8 version.
  • WardieshireWardieshire590,011
    Posted on 29 January 15 at 05:00
    Add me please


  • blueracer442blueracer442862,214
    Posted on 04 February 15 at 09:36
    Please add me blueracer442. Im on daily trying to get this and the Win 8 version done.
    Keep it Classy TA
  • TheMaizeTheMaize1,403,692
    Posted on 07 February 15 at 15:52
    Gt: Themaize i need to grind the win 8 version also
  • Posted on 28 February 15 at 19:21
    Please add me
    Gt:xxx DrZott xxx
  • YBEARYBEAR207,503
    Posted on 26 March 15 at 08:01
    GT: JefeGator
  • IMeeresgeistIMeeresgeist668,588
    Posted on 16 April 15 at 17:37
    TA Umibozu - add me :)
  • Two Names06Two Names061,085,089
    Posted on 19 April 15 at 15:57
    Add me GT = Two Names06
  • Posted on 24 April 15 at 11:54
    Add me please. Daily player. GT = DN Dovahkiin
  • ElordinElordin354,099
    Posted on 07 May 15 at 19:22
    Add me please, Daily player. GT: EliteAxileon

    as a reminder tho the friends request has to be a xbox 360 friends request can be done through a 360 or the xbox website
  • NicholasNicholas416,124
    Posted on 16 August 15 at 13:04
    Please add me.
    I'm adding several of the last players in the thread.
  • Arcstar09Arcstar09172,908
    Posted on 07 December 15 at 18:25
    I'm trying to knock out these achievements so feel free to add me.

    GT: Arcstar09
  • yossarianoyossariano450,492
    Posted on 27 April 16 at 20:06
    If anyone wants four accounts to attack at a time add me as a friend and I'll send you gamertags to add

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