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Information Posted on 15 November 13 at 19:20
ixnay37 has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for NBA Baller Beats:

You can view the flags they submitted here: Flag submission by ixnay37 for NBA Baller Beats
Posted on 18 November 13 at 10:11
Thanks ixnay37

We have flagged this as you have suggested. Just need to clarify a few things.

Can any of the achievements be won in versus battle mode other than this one : Mamma Said... in NBA Baller Beats

Also the following achievements you have marked as Difficulty Specific, however is it possible that you can unlock the lower difficulty ones by just doing the higher level achievements?
Look At Me Mom! I'm A Baller! in NBA Baller Beats
MVP I in NBA Baller Beats
MVP II in NBA Baller Beats
MVP III in NBA Baller Beats
Posted on 19 November 13 at 19:04
The difficulty achievements definitely do not stack.

I'm not sure about other achievements in versus mode, however.
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