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    Posted on 12 July 13 at 09:38
    Please use this thread to discuss the Doodle Jump for Kinect walkthrough
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  • Posted on 10 August 13 at 14:43
    You may want to take out the "bank it" achievement at the top as you have put it a bit further down
  • Paul ZapPaul Zap191,732
    Posted on 05 September 16 at 19:28
    I'm sorry but this isn't much of a walkthrough. It's more like you made guides for each achievement and stuck them together. Doesn't walk me through the game whatsoever. Repeated achievement, improper presentation of achievements, and no actual locations for powerups or monsters (which levels they're in). Also, no word on each specific level, you just gloss over the worlds in general. Maybe pointing out where each of the blue coins are in each level would be a start?

    The text also suffers from poor grammar and syntax. Its wording is often improper and the walkthrough is overall poorly structured.
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