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Runner 2: Good Friends DLC Pack trailer

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Last post: 02 Jan 15 at 13:32
Posted on 12 July 13 at 14:54
We all know DLC stands for Disco Loving Compadres

Please click here to read the story: Runner 2: Good Friends DLC Pack trailer

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Clad master
Clad master
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Posted on 12 July 13 at 15:02
Yeah nice ! :D
Chaos Mythology
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Posted on 12 July 13 at 15:05
This is what games are now, Runner 2 more like run for the fucking hills
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Posted on 12 July 13 at 15:44
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Posted on 12 July 13 at 16:45
Runner 2 was great. I'll buy this DLC because it has characters that I love, and to support the Devs
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Posted on 13 July 13 at 11:36
I don't understand why Dr. Fetus is in this and not Meat Boy.
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Posted on 14 July 13 at 21:20
HarrySon9 said:
I don't understand why Dr. Fetus is in this and not Meat Boy.
We are in 2 smile
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Posted on 15 July 13 at 10:29
I like the game but loathe the very frustrating, cheap and lazy addition to the cannon at the end of each level in order to perfect+. Won't be paying for more characters despite really liking the game overall, I am hoping for an additional level with achievements, I'd definitely support that!
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