Game Discussion: Splatterhouse

Phase 6 Boos Glitch

  • Law RamLaw Ram337,066
    Posted on 13 July 13 at 20:46Permalink
    I am playing this through and I am on the first part of the boss where you just have to hit him to the ground.

    How do you trigger the cut scene so I can tear off the things on his back?

    I am hitting him, running up to him, when he is on the ground and nothing

    Thank you for reading
  • misfit119misfit119869,370
    Posted on 14 July 13 at 19:05Permalink
    If I remember correctly there's a particular spot you have to stand in to get the button prompt to yank out the plugs. But honestly this game has so many glitches that it's possible that it's just glitching on you.
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