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    Posted on 08 June 11 at 17:18
    Please use this thread to discuss the Prey walkthrough
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,853,454
    Posted on 09 June 11 at 10:28
    i am the publisher of this walkthrough so if there are any questions, feel free to ask me per PM
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 June 11 at 18:47
    How is the walkthrough coming along?
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,853,454
    Posted on 15 June 11 at 05:04
    pretty good, im nearly done man :) just needs to be proofread
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  • LGS I HitmanLGS I Hitman1,311,842
    Posted on 18 June 11 at 14:53
    there is no level 7 video the level 6 video is used twice.
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,853,454
    Posted on 19 June 11 at 13:58
    srry, my bad, its being told to the moderator and changed any second :)
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  • Tasty PastryTasty Pastry384,220
    Posted on 19 June 11 at 15:04
    Use one of the quotes from that thread
  • Lefty24Lefty24732,687
    Posted on 20 June 11 at 15:55, Edited on 20 June 11 at 15:59 by Lefty24
    There's an easier way to do multiplayer and it takes only half the time. Do TEAM DEATHMATCH first. Team deathmatch wins count as regular deathmatch wins too. Both can be done 1v1. I found the level Roundhouse an easy level, all weapons are found there as well. Portals drop you right in front or real close to the Bar from chapter 1. So that's where you want to meet up for kills except for the leach gun and spider grenades, which are both found in the basement. Set the kill limit to 100 with unlimited time and you can do 4 weapons in 1 game and your opponent can do 3 weapons plus 24/25 kills of their 4th weapon. As for the ranked games, if the person going for the achievement is the host, the other person can quit out and the host gets a win. The entire multiplayer for 2 people to get all achievements takes about 2.5-3 hours. Multiplayer is completely dead, so you will need to grab a boosting buddy.
  • JayourJayour1,055,814
    Posted on 20 June 11 at 19:10
    I can confirm that. ^
  • Tasty PastryTasty Pastry384,220
    Posted on 21 June 11 at 15:05
    The text has been added in and credit has been given to lefty24 in the area.

  • liiamiliiami302,473
    Posted on 25 May 12 at 15:41
    The videos, except for 10 + 22 have been removed by the youtube user.
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,853,454
    Posted on 30 July 12 at 10:11
    well, the videos are not really needed, just a little service ^^
    fear my moobie wrath! its nipplepwner for a reason!!
  • drabikdrabik361,527
    Posted on 26 August 12 at 15:48
    I have replaced all videos in the walkthrough. Thanks, liiami.
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  • brooza664brooza664324,522
    Posted on 07 January 21 at 15:11
    It looks like all the videos are broken again (at least for me)
    I think I worded that terribly
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