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"Request Timed Out"

  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,405,660
    Posted on 19 November 13 at 11:35
    For some reason, whenever I try to access my Defense Barracks/a friends kingdom, I get a message saying "Request timed out. Please check your connection or try again later". I'm still able to play most of the game as normal, and I can actually connect to different Gameloft game's servers (Uno and Friends, for example), so their issues shouldn't be the problem (although I assume they probably are). I used to be able to visit my friends kingdom when I first starting playing. Anyone else getting this error?
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  • Posted on 20 November 13 at 15:46
    I'm getting this, too! It's really frustrating. For the first day I could visit other people and not I can't at all. Just the computer friends. Not my actual ones. It seems like I can still send gifts to people. It's not my connection...I play everything else just fine! Glad to know I'm not alone! wink
  • BahaumautBahaumaut1,536,927
    Posted on 08 January 14 at 05:28
    If anyone is still having problems with this issue, what tends to work for me is the following (with a HTC 8X as my WinFone):
    1) Exit the game completely
    2) Go to your Games/Xbox tile.
    3) Swipe over to Spotlight or Notifications, whichever causes the app to show "Updating...".
    4) Return to your game.

    I don't know the cause or the reason, but it seems like the connection to LIVE, among other network connections for various games, seem to be flakey, particularly after hibernation of the device. But it tends to reconnect if I do that first. It's also important to do step #1; it is almost as if it's caching your current state, invalid though it may be.
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