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Voice Studio App Spreads to Other Countries

  • neeker75neeker751,354,055
    Posted on 22 March 12 at 08:11
    It's even in Singapore (tiny isle in the southeast of Asia). I've no Kinect though.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 22 March 12 at 08:38
    I barely use my Kinect. Won't be phased if I don't use it ever again or in the future (i think...)
    Who Then Now?
  • Posted on 22 March 12 at 09:12
    Its only right that this also be available in other countries as they using it to improve the language facility on the kinect to understand other languages from around the world as why just the let Americans test it to improve it when nobody else talks like them.

    Glad they are doing this as i hate it when i have to repeat myself to the kinect because it hasnt picked up what i said and done something else instead.

    Its like how Apple only tested Siri with Americans and then when released it couldnt understand some countries language that well, for example Scottish people had loads of problems with it because it didnt understand what they were saying because of the accent.
  • elKazaamelKazaam137,650
    Posted on 22 March 12 at 14:54
    i hope that will help to make the voice controll better.
    iths a nice thing and funny.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 22 March 12 at 17:12
    Death Cadaveric said:
    LOL I initially read "Still not in all religions though"
    Not for the ones that require a vow of silence no. :)
  • TimutimuTimutimu161,726
    Posted on 22 March 12 at 22:00
    Confirmed for NZ. It's nice to see that they are actively making use of the Kinect, as mine is sitting on my mantlepiece doing....nothing....
    Chur cuzzy ao baye!!!
  • ДжэйДжэй435,882
    Posted on 29 March 12 at 21:36
    Also in Russia. It has some text in english, even some text in English and Russian together.
  • PC CalixtoPC Calixto204,237
    Posted on 05 April 12 at 18:34
    Also in Brazil
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 April 12 at 01:38
    WE GOT IT IN SPAIN NOW !!!! ya lo tenemos en españa tambien

    this is one of the worst apps i ever did in my live !!! 50g isnt enough if you think of the 8 times 20 min =160 min totaal what makes it 2.5 hours of wasting your life ??!!

    thanxs microshit for an other bs app
    hahahaha try that when you are fucking your girlfriend
  • Posted on 25 September 18 at 08:31
    Why was it removed?
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