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To anyone who has this:

Posted on 05 September 08 at 02:39
How is it?

I got the first one a little while ago and loved it. Once I pull together some cash I'll be getting this as well.
keene oh
keene oh
Posted on 05 September 08 at 12:00
i picked mine up yesterday and hit the garden for a few hours last night.

So far it seems good.

Very similar to the first one.

You still get exp bonuses for full growth of plants, romancing pinata etc.

Lots of small differences but none detract from the game.

Some useful additions, pinata finder on the shoulder buttons to instantly center on a favourite pinata.

D-Pad shortcuts to the various tools are helpful.

being able to access seeds & fertiliser from a d-pad shortcut is a god-send. No more traipsing back and forth to the store to pick up the next seed.

If you liked the first one you'll enjoy this too.
Posted on 05 September 08 at 21:26

If you have a Live Vision camera, have you tried out the cards yet?
keene oh
keene oh
Posted on 06 September 08 at 02:36
i don't have one mate.

I have heard they work a treat from an offline mate and am hoping to borrow a vision camera to try them out for myself.
Posted on 17 September 08 at 12:39
The cam is really really bad. Heard many bad things about. Also find it a cheap way for them to get people to buy the cam. Costs €40,- at least to buy on.

Luckely for me I had a friend who had one and got 100% for this game
Posted on 17 September 08 at 13:22
The camera actually works better if you shoot from a laptop monitor, as opposed to printed cards. I think it has to do with the laptop back lighting.
Posted on 15 November 08 at 14:01
The cam is not to good, but just have a lot of light and turn the card it will work fine.
But I like the game a lot so if you like the first one you will like this too
Posted on 10 May 09 at 20:25
really enjoyed this game, i would recomend it highly!

Posted on 14 May 09 at 14:53
If you have a Gamestop/EB Games nearby, you can pick up a copy of You're in the Movies for $20, and it comes with a camera.

I used to think that the camera recognizing the cards didn't work at all, but then I realized it was just a focus issue. After that, I could reliably scan cards within about 5 seconds of first trying it. I've only used 10, though, as it feels a lot like cheating.
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