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PGR 3 TA Community Day.

  • mzivtinsmzivtins304,517
    Posted on 02 August 10 at 11:01
    Hi Guys.

    Boosting sessions for this game we all know are very tough!

    The matchmaking is very hard to figure out, and some players will never be able to race others.

    For this there are a lot of players who would like to boost.

    We were thinking of doing a massive session for this, but advertising the session through here.

    Are there enough players out the who really want to do a 16 player boosting session for this? 2x xblive parties? all you need is 4 players in a lobby for a race to start, check to see if you need a win and rotate who wins untill everyone has at least 1 win in that room and then move to the next (e.g win breakneck racing, move to deulling or something)

    This is a very quick and effective way to get the online racer achievement (you know the, win every scenario, 50 wins, start last finish first, clean race etc)

    i can think of around 6 player right up who would do this... timings could be a b1tch but i think 10pm GMT onwards on a friday is where nearly all timezones meet in a good time.

    so... who wants to take part?
  • I GOT VVTII GOT VVTI221,055 221,055 GamerScore
    Posted on 02 August 10 at 19:57
    yes i still need the 2 online achieves i would like to be in that session also if there is another session for pgr 4 need a few more
  • mzivtinsmzivtins304,517
    Posted on 03 August 10 at 07:38
    Thats cool! the online professional should be an absolute breeze in a good session, hopefully get one set up for this coming friday! :)
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