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Game no longer works in newest 360 and won't let me install

Srl Klr
Srl Klr
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Posted on 07 August 11 at 20:46
Is this a console problem or is my disk really damaged even though it doesn't look too bad? Also why won't it let me do an install when it does read? It boots up shows the microsoft screen and then the dirty or damaged screen pops?
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Mystic Typh00n
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Posted on 08 August 11 at 01:30
Try to look for a circle scratch. It may be hard to find if it is there.
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Andy Curtis
Andy Curtis
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Posted on 07 July 14 at 12:18
Could have picked up laser burn. If you've got a friend with the game you could try installing their copy, then run it from your disk. I did this when my housemate knocked over my 360 while I was playing Gears 3. So long as it's installed I think all it needs the disc for is to confirm that you own it.
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