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Gifts & Game Inbox issues?

  • Posted on 05 December 13 at 21:58
    Is it just me, or are other people experiencing issues with the in game Inbox, messages and gifts?

    I receive the push notifications on a regular basis stating that someone is invading my kingdom. However, when I start the game up there are no invasions showing, only the symbol for when people have helped in my kingdom.

    Also in the past when someone invaded I used to receive a message in the game inbox to tell me if they had successfully invaded, but now I'm not receiveing anything at all to the inbox, no invasion updates, no gifts, nothing at all.

    I am still connected to the servers as I am able to visit, invade and send gifts to my neighbours.

    I know people are definitely invading etc as firstly I am in the 2 boosting sessions on here and also because I am receiving the push notifications that it is happening.

    I have received gifts and everything has worked as normal in the past, but even then it is very hit and miss. Last time it was working was last Saturday evening. Since then nothing :(

    I've tried connecting through both my mobile data and wifi connections and there seems to be no pattern as to when it will or wont work.

    Its a bit of a problem as it means I cant resist peoples invasions for that achievement :(

    I really dont want to unistall and reinstall as I'll loose my progress.

    Any advice or help please?
    GT: littlelou1982
  • DosscomDosscom365,814
    Posted on 15 December 13 at 23:18
    I'm having the exact same issues as you for both gifts and invasions.

    Usually the servers would dump all the gifts and invasions all at once and I would get many gifts and see everyone who had invaded me during the day. This seems to have stopped yesterday and now I can't see any invasions.

    Did you ever figure out how to correct this or is it still happening to you?
  • XtowersXtowers857,755
    Posted on 19 December 13 at 16:40
    The game is spotty. My best advice is to check periodically if it works. When it does, do as much as you can in the game. After messing with it for a while, I'm convinced it is the Gameloft servers that are having the issues. Same goes for UNO.
  • Posted on 21 December 13 at 09:14
    Yeah this is still happening to me. I thought it might solve itself when I returned home to uk for Christmas but still exactly same problem :(

    I've basically resorted to doing what Xtowers says above and just trying to do as much as I can when it is working.

    I've also noticed, on the occasions where it does work there seems to be some kind of glitch or error where I can accept all my gifts etc and then a couple of moments later they all show up in the inbox again so I will end up with double, triple or sometime even more gifts. I guess this is a little bonus of their bad servers as I managed to get a couple of hundred magic cards from repeatedly delivered gifts! So when it does work make sure you keep an eye on it and see if you get this too ;)
    GT: littlelou1982
  • Crispy385Crispy385121,096
    Posted on 21 February 14 at 05:01
    Two months later and I'm having the same problem. You guys ever find a solution?
  • Posted on 03 June 14 at 18:35
    I have the same Problem as littlelou1782 descripes.
    I have contact the Gameloft Support yesterday (no answer so far), i hope that helps.
    I have tried the Airplane Mode Trick, but its not helped a bit. I also start the Game on Windows 8 and reload my Cloudsave and then i have Messages, but not for Long, the next day i have inbox that i was attacked 8 times, but the Icons to resist don´t Show. I have waited for hours whether they appear, but nothing.

    Does anyone still have the Problem or are there already Solutions?
  • D0n Cheev0D0n Cheev0297,713
    Posted on 16 July 14 at 11:07
    Same problem for me.

    I get notifications saying I'm being invaded and when I go in game.......nothing. Just the helping hands sign. No gifts, no invasions.

    What is the Airplane Mode trick?
  • Crispy385Crispy385121,096
    Posted on 16 July 14 at 21:35
    Gifts will come all at once. You'll get your invasions then too, but only one for each person. A better way to build resistances is resisting a friends invasion off of a mutual friends kingdom. Its more consistent, but you are sniping that mutual friend is though.
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