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Friday XBL Content Roundup: November 22nd, 2013

  • SchreckofantSchreckofant351,798
    Posted on 24 November 13 at 13:46, Edited on 24 November 13 at 14:04 by Schreckofant
    I agree, the pricing is pathetic. They really expect Europeans to pay over 100 Dollars for a single game? Are they stupid? not happening, I'm taking a huge detour around the store until the pricing is less insulting. 70 € for a new game, hol shit, they probably think everyone is a millionaire over here. But we're already paying more for gold for less content, so they probably expect them rich european folks to subsidise the costs, so that every american can easily pickup all gaming related stuff he wants.

    And while I can probably accept, that the average western european is better paid than the average american (leaving besides all those millionares or billionares who cover up the statistics) a conversion rate ABOVE 1:1 is too much! This is blatant abuse. And the UK conversion rate is still much cheaper for the Brits complaining about the store. I went over there to look at the price, and it's MUCH cheaper than the actual value in Euro. The euro pricing is much higher than anywhereelse, much higher! And not everyone is living in western europe, have fun selling your stuff in poorer countries.

    Fortunately there are still gaming shops selling new games for 55-59 €, which is a couple Euros more than last gen, but whatever. There is a reason why 95% of my games over the last 5-6 years have been UK-imports (For people wondering why UK sells so many games - half of the european gamers import from you).

    Do they honestly expect to gain marketshare over here with that policy? Sales will just be even worse than before, because buying new games has become a rich man's hobby. I probably won't get a full priced new game tll february or march and I won't pay a cent more than 59,99 Euro, even if it means going back to my regular UK import shop, where I'll get it for 50 Euro or even less.
  • zxgreyzxgrey314,548
    Posted on 24 November 13 at 21:35
    its called the shit box one cause that what it is
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 25 November 13 at 09:00
    How does Ghosts take up more space than Battlefield 4? Really...
  • SpilnerSpilner1,004,338
    Posted on 25 November 13 at 10:55
    MotoX Champ88 said:
    How does Ghosts take up more space than Battlefield 4? Really...
    Fish AI takes up 67%
    You either hate me or fucking hate me
  • JaredT84JaredT84835,195
    Posted on 26 November 13 at 04:02
    demonWhistler said:
    And in Sweden a $59.99 game cost $106!!! (For xbox 360 games that is, we don't get xbox one for another 6 month or something, but will be the same)
    In Sweden a $3 coffee costs $10.

    Deal with it
  • Posted on 26 November 13 at 17:25
    I just got Killer Instinct. Funny thing is I dunno if I'll ever even get a Xbox1.
    The ODST
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