Game Discussion: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Windows)

Need help on file locations of pac-man on windows 8

  • Kid VranicKid Vranic532,117
    Posted on 26 February 14 at 14:35
    I had an issue with my pc and after that my apps would not work.
    After a lot of hassle I found a way to fix it by deleting and reinstalling my apps one by one.

    Deleting ment actually deleting the files, not only uninstalling (which did not work)...
    So I got everything back except pac-man Championship Edition as this one is not saved in the normal app folder.

    I tried searching for it with no result. Tried to mail with support but no response.

    So if anyone knows where these files are located or know the correct support mailaddress I would be very happy!

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  • Kid VranicKid Vranic532,117
    Posted on 29 March 14 at 13:24
    I guess no one know :(
    Still not found it. Still not able to play unfortunately
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