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Skate Celebrity possible fix

Posted on 14 July 11 at 21:33
I recently talked to an EA technical support person about the reviews for the videos not working. He informed me that its unlikely just me informing EA about this will help. He then told me that a good way to try to get EA to fix this problem would be getting others who this is effecting to post on the forums about it. So if you want that thousand before the servers shut down for good, please go to and post. Maybe there is a slight chance they will put it back up for us. It's worth a shot!
I'm a soldier
Posted on 15 July 11 at 02:42
I posted a plea for repair!
Posted on 15 July 11 at 11:59
Good luck. We were told to do a similar thing with the fifa 09 interaactive League.

It didn't help...

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 23 July 11 at 04:02
yeah I will try as well.
Posted on 29 July 11 at 08:13
Still no patch. I think this game will be 990G instead of 1000G :(
MCoreBE Everyone 100%
Eskobar M92
Eskobar M92
Posted on 01 August 11 at 08:57, Edited on 02 August 11 at 22:07 by Eskobar M92
I sent them a message. No more EA games for me. I will buy preowned in that case. Edit: sent e-mail as well.
Se7enn Sins
Se7enn Sins
Posted on 02 August 11 at 06:52
give us the patch!!!!
i was boosting for skate online achievements and was kicked out cause ea servers werent responding, so hopefull they are going to give us the patch, if no fuck'em
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