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Wordament Leaderboards Overhauled

  • GuidalityGuidality501,029
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 04:36Permalink
    Oriole2682 said:

    I worked my ass off for this when it first came out
  • Posted on 23 April 13 at 04:56Permalink
    Nelson Muntz said it best "Ha Ha" to all you kids that put the hard work into the cheevo while I will get it done in a day or so.
  • Posted on 23 April 13 at 05:01Permalink
    Its just like "sopoholic" achivement in Tomb Raider. There are people who spent countless hours going for 3 re-ups in order to unlock the General character and sudenly the developers decide that the General will not count towards the achivement which is basicaly unfair. It seams that some developers are under influance of whiny players.
    In other words its like Epic would decide now that in order to unlock "seriously 1.0" You need 100 online kills instead of 10000+.
  • GR4V1G0R3GR4V1G0R3230,426
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 05:03Permalink
    well, i'm assuming that the minimum score is still there (was it 20k or 200k, been ages since I played, so ive forgotten)

    glad that I may have a chance to get this achievement now, it had to be done though, as the leaderboards are for all formats from what I could tell, and if none of the top 250 are from the WP version, it would be unobtainable, as it's lots easier / faster on a none WP device (or at least than on my ancient HD7)
  • CASS190684CASS190684241,376
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 05:16Permalink
    BloodLustXIII said:
    Oriole2682 said:

    I worked my ass off for this when it first came out
    Although personally I found the Win The Hour achievement a lot more difficult than World Champ.
    I like what I like and I don't what I don't.
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 05:26Permalink
    But it was so much fun playing Arabic while drunk haha dance
  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite2,345,522
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 05:45Permalink
    Having already gotten this for both win 8 an windows phone, I can say that I applaud this decision, as I also played in arabic ;)
  • StarshadeFPSStarshadeFPS556,802
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 06:35Permalink
    Nice I should get this achievement soon.
    "Come get your kool on. Stars are made to shine"
  • DeviSlatorDeviSlator429,958
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 06:36Permalink
    Disappointed to hear this. Bit at least those that haven't got it yet will be happy. I particularly hate it when when a chievo is made harder after you've bought a game, like Crimson Dragon: SS
  • Posted on 23 April 13 at 06:39Permalink
    So, jump on to a "quiet" language, play like crazy on monday and hope you get into the top 250? Ok sure.
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo253,674
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 06:42Permalink
    I don't think the Web or iOS version had this issue, did it? I do remember trying a few times to get something similar on the leaderboards.
    'Live and die this day, once more into the fray'
  • Posted on 23 April 13 at 07:25Permalink
    Why not giving them away at the first start while they're at it...
  • Posted on 23 April 13 at 07:43Permalink
    Hey, it's not like they made a hard achievement easier. Trials HD had a HARD achievement that was changed. This is just an achievement that you need to grind, not difficult in the slightest.

    I was having fun grinding the game in other languages because I was learning words and finding how different it is from English. Just because they've made it quicker to obtain doesn't take away from the experiences I have with the game.
  • Jezza69Jezza69594,704
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 08:02Permalink
    Definitely a boo. I dread to think how many hours I ploughed into Arabic to unlock the achievement.
  • Throni360Throni3601,325,939
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 08:16Permalink
    Good things come to those who wait! :D Maybe I'll try to unlock it now.
  • EX slay3rEX slay3r238,695
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 08:34Permalink
    Hmm, maybe I'll start these games right away.
    We at war with the army of haters and when we kill em we just smoke em like papers.
  • takuto nekotakuto neko179,872
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 08:38Permalink
    I wonder if too many people complained that the achievement was hard so they thought of making it easier to obtain?

    Little disappointed happens.
  • Vr EnglishVr English657,117
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 08:38Permalink
    Wow, looks like I can finally give this shot, this always looked like my kind of game but the Achievements stopped me from playing it.
  • PinicusPinicus268,970
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 08:43Permalink
    This is unfair to everyone who got this on the original leaderboards. I worked my ass off for that achievement!!!!!
  • hatchywatchyhatchywatchy118,723
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 08:49Permalink
    Oriole2682 said:
    How dare you damage my ratio!!
    hatchy, the Gweat and Tewwible
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