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Achievement Boosting

Information Posted on 21 April 09 at 14:14
Please make arrangements for achievement boosting in DW: GUNDAM 2 in this thread
Posted on 24 April 09 at 16:01, Edited on 24 April 09 at 16:01 by ZeroThreshold
I believe these are Ranked match only, but if anyone wants to try to figure something out, message or friend request me.

I'm thinking if we add each other as friends, prefer one another, and then someone sets up to host a certain match (i.e., certain time limit, certain stage, etc), and the others find it, it'll work. But who knows?
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Ashen Seraph
Ashen Seraph
Posted on 24 April 09 at 21:51
The way Seba and I did it was to have one of us start a ranked match with the country modifier on (we're both in US) then have the other person search for it. Barely anyone is playing online so this should match you and your partner up nearly every time.
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Posted on 25 April 09 at 15:06
I figured something like that would work. Now I just gotta find someone to work on this worth. (None of my friends like ANY of the DW series, much less Gundam, lol)
"The beast in me is caged by frail and fragile bars."
Geo Uzumaki
Posted on 04 May 09 at 23:22
ill help every time im on xbox live theirs nobody online for this

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