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Skulls of the Shogun Gets Title Update

  • lord verhlord verh176,960
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 15:04
    Still waiting for the sale that makes this game 400 MSP. I'm very excited even though it might take couple of months.
  • BeachemBeachem576,510
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 15:42
    I'm fine with the price of the WP and Win 8 versions. I hope to see a sale on the XBLA version though. 400 MSP would be an instant purchase from me.
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  • DuDeACiDDuDeACiD146,842
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 16:17
    its funny first thing i thought when i saw this was did they make cheaper again also
  • Harvy75Harvy75115,574
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 18:27
    I`m also waiting for a future deals of the week with this game at 400 msp.
  • AwooAwoo2,054,094
    Posted on 23 April 13 at 22:21, Edited on 23 April 13 at 22:21 by Awoo
    It was recently reduced to 800, so I don't expect to see it on a 400 point sale anytime soon. Tempted to just buy it at 800, I do love my turn-based strategy after all.
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 24 April 13 at 08:22
    Its a great game love it so far
  • Posted on 24 April 13 at 10:51
    Thanks for the info guys !!! Good time to buy !
  • Posted on 24 April 13 at 14:21
    Quick question for anyone who has this game on xbox arcade, can you local co-op the campaign?
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