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Multiplayer achievements for COJ bib

M I K 3 ID
M I K 3 ID
Posted on 26 April 14 at 18:37
Need help with the multiplayer achievements for this game ! anyone interested let me know :D or message me on my gamertag
Posted on 28 April 14 at 22:43
Definitely interested. We need at least 4 for a session though.
Posted on 30 April 14 at 23:53
Count me in. I'm usually free all weekend wrong and typically open after 8pm central during the week. I just need gold guns, but can help out of needed for others.
Deadpool 1194
Posted on 05 May 14 at 06:45
I'm in as long as there's some assurance we can get all the achievements done. I'll be playing on a new tag that isn't on TA yet though. Message me and I'll add you on it. smile
Posted on 02 June 16 at 21:45
I need all MP achievements. And I have a friend. Need for someone. We'll do it in one day.
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