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Resident Evil 6 Gameplay and Screenshots

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Posted on 15 August 12 at 03:39
Viral infected zombies in toques invade GamesCom 2012

Please click here to read the story: Resident Evil 6 Gameplay and Screenshots
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 03:44
Nifty! Wife is stoked for this game.
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 03:46
Very excited to play this!
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 03:58
Yeah, this game is looking sexier by the minute!
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 04:17
please capcom.. just dont add useless dlc like RE5...
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 04:31
This looks just like RE5 with on the move shooting now! I loved RE5, and this is going to be that much better! The people who hated RE5 are not going to enjoy RE6 either.
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 04:53
Looking good !!
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 06:26
They're really outdoing themselves; this is incredible.
Randy Version 2
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 06:59
Played the dragons dogma RE6 demo, wasn't really impressed. The leon/jake sections were too short to judge but seemed alright, but chris was just you shooting other guys shooting at you and SOMETIMES they turned into freaks.

Idk, maybe its too much to ask but i really wish at least one horror game would stick to horror rather than taking the action/co-op route. I miss being scared to play a game
Not gonna be happy till more Modest Mouse is in Rb3
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Last post: 13 Nov 12 at 08:44
Posted on 15 August 12 at 07:03
Me and the Wife loved RE5 and we cannot wait for this game.
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Last post: 21 Feb at 20:31
Posted on 15 August 12 at 07:57
Going to be a great Co-Op. Period. Go get a friend...
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 08:03
Capcom, you know you will have my money so why do you taunt me?
Aura of Heroism
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 08:10
Looks like someone needs a shotgun. lol Can't wait for this.
So, it begins...
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 09:33
Are my eyes deceiving me, or are those "zombies" firing guns? shock
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 09:59
cool we can do the suplex lol
I Null I
I Null I
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 10:13
Looks good but I wont be getting this.
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 10:20
Big fan and can't wait!!

Loved Resi 4, enjoyed Resi 5 so am very excited for Resi 6 indeed!!
Das Kuhnen
Das Kuhnen
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 11:47
Looking good so far.
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Last post: 30 Jun 16 at 13:49
Posted on 15 August 12 at 12:25
Can't wait
What a good season Dead or Alive 5 & Resident Evil 6!
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Posted on 15 August 12 at 13:35
The feature looks quite awesome.
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