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  • Posted on 09 June 20 at 07:04, Edited on 09 June 20 at 07:04 by IronInvoker47
    Written the Normal playthrough, which covers 48/50 of the base game. I've looked into the incoherent ramblings of others on another site who have figured out the glitch involving using cheats on Insane difficulty, and this is the basis of the Insane parts of the walkthrough. Hopefully this leads to a lot of completions when it's out.
  • Posted on 18 June 20 at 18:20
    Howdy yall,

    Just wanted to say the walkthrough is done, but I’ve written a bunch of other stuff for other games and put those notes inside this walkthrough. We won’t be able to publish DNF until all of the other stuff is eventually moved out, which will be a little while since the walkthrough team is backed up recently.
  • Posted on 09 August 20 at 03:45
    Howdy, just messaging here again to let some know that the WT is back up. I hope your play time is drastically reduced and I wish you the best mental health for getting through this garbage game.
  • Vince989Vince989145,138
    Posted on 05 October 20 at 02:52
    Wow, thanks a ton! :D
    Come join us at - https://discord.gg/bh2c78a (TrueConsoles Discord)
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