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Posted on 27 January 14 at 18:31, Edited on 27 January 14 at 18:54 by ParticleDuality
I was thinking about picking this game up but I have absolutely no experience with hack and slash games but I do have some with games that require combos. For example, I have played a Naruto game that requires some knowledge of their combo system but it's little more than button mashing. I want to buy this game but also, I would like to complete it. Do you think it's possible for someone like myself to be able to learn enough in a reasonable amount of time to complete this game in a reasonable amount of time? I would consider reasonable completion under 75 hours. I look forward to your answers and thank you in advance.
Posted on 28 January 14 at 15:41
well. it is easier than other devil may cry games and other franchises like ninja gaiden. i dont play games like naruto but with decent skill you should be able to complete this in less than 75 hours.
Deadpool 1194
Posted on 26 April 14 at 12:35
Put it this way, prior to the game the last time I played anything similar was DMC 1 on the playstation. I completed it with no trouble. It's really not a difficult game. Completing DMD mode may seem like a daunting task but by the time you unlock the difficulty you'll be VERY familiar with the game. So in short, not a difficult completion but a very long one. (5-6 playthroughs!)
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