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Ridge Racer Unbounded City Create Trailer

  • Posted on 13 August 11 at 00:53
    i hope it feels more like a burnout than ridge racer because i dreaded my ps 1 when all i had was ridge racer 4 and sucked at it. Asian burnout, this going to be interesting...
  • OgamblerOgambler127,234
    Posted on 13 August 11 at 09:55
    never liked ridge racer, driving mechanics just too unrealistic. but i appreciate what they are trying to do here, interesting to see how the city creation turns out.
  • Posted on 13 August 11 at 16:00
    Hopefully we get a demo
  • Posted on 13 August 11 at 16:26
    Okay so I can't get Split Second 2, but Unbounded makes a good consolation prize.
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  • Posted on 14 August 11 at 13:35
    This Sort of looks like Split Second.
  • Posted on 14 August 11 at 19:01
    INTIMIDATOR363 said:
    Reminds me of Burnout
    kind of what i was thinking, might try Demo since i loved Burnout 2 + 3 on the ps2
    Posted on 18 August 11 at 13:42
    That's awesome! I'm just wondering how in-depth it will be and exactly how much control you'll have over creating your city.
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