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Sales, Sales and More XBL Sales: July 16th, 2013

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 18 July 13 at 08:47
    In the end I got Streetfighter 2 Turbo HD (always loved the game, even played it on a real arcade machine back in the day).

    I didn't get the AC III season pass, I'll probably get the Tyrany DLC when they're on sale individually and then call it quits.
    "Booyah" - Jeff Winger
  • Im MichaaelIm Michaael134,082
    Posted on 18 July 13 at 14:56
    Odd number of microsoft points with assassins creed
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 18 July 13 at 15:59
    Im Michaael said:
    Odd number of microsoft points with assassins creed
    Actually except for sequence 13 in AC II, all DLC have an even number of points.
    "Booyah" - Jeff Winger
  • Posted on 18 July 13 at 16:30
    I'd really like to see the Rally pack for Forza Horizon go on sale. I can't justify paying $20 for that DLC, when the game costs $15 on MS's website.
  • CarboonicusCarboonicus270,074
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic540,030
    Posted on 18 July 13 at 18:16
    Might have to pick up the Asura's Wrath ones even though I don't have the game itself. Planning on getting it eventually though.

    And yes, I do that. I buy DLC for games I don't have.
  • Posted on 18 July 13 at 18:49
    is dark void worth 160msp or devilmaycry hd collection 600msp?
  • Posted on 18 July 13 at 19:12
    CSHEENW1NN1NG said:
    On the hungarian marketplace dark void is 160msp, lost planet 2 400msp, Asura's Wrath 400msp, DMC HD collection 600msp, and American DMC 4 is $5. Would any1 recommend any of these games?
    Dark Void, DMC4, LP2 require VPN. Don't know about Asura's Wrath, but the DMC HD collection is worth it, even with 2 being a pile of shit. 1000G will take some time, but most of the achievements are fairly doable (DMC1 Dante Must Die mode will most likely make you rage though, as will the Bloody Palace of DMC2 because of how shitty it is)
  • JaggexedgeJaggexedge239,696
    Posted on 18 July 13 at 20:13
    I'm definitely picking up Asura's Wrath as $10 is an absolute steal for the game. Think of it as less of a game, and more of an interactive bad-ass movie/anime.
  • Posted on 19 July 13 at 02:25
    except when you pay with local currency you pay taxes so for example the capcom arcade is really 2.62USD
  • Posted on 21 July 13 at 18:13
    i cant beleave i didnt fully read this last week now im heading out the door to grab some ms points for ac3 dlc season pass
    achievements its what's for dinner
  • ZerofitzZerofitz109,886
    Posted on 21 July 13 at 21:40
    Having trouble with the free ac2 it's saying there is a disk error but I've d/l it? What's going on if anyone can help?
  • Aj6627Aj6627212,620
    Posted on 21 July 13 at 21:59
    How's the population on LP Colonies? I have the GFWL version, but with the cross platform voice codec screwed up I may get the 360 version if there's still people playing.
  • matdanmatdan840,311
    Posted on 23 July 13 at 09:33
    And again AUS sale prices are rubbish bit of a shame really.
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