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    Posted on 24 November 13 at 15:23
    Please use this thread to discuss the Asterix at the Olympic Games walkthrough
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  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite3,379,783
    Posted on 01 March 14 at 11:54, Edited on 02 March 14 at 10:14 by Dwaggienite
    "Go down to where the large box is and push X to grab hold, then simply look towards the switch platform and press up to lift the block onto it. Then stand on one button (the other character will automatically stand on the other), and the challenges are complete."

    To get the block up you have to rapidly press X whilst holding up. I was holding it and trying to work out for half an hour why it wasn't working. This sentence should be adjusted.



    "Try to only get the Centurion (big guy) in the sites for "

    should be "sights"


    "Turn around and look for a bench and platform you can use to"

    should be "Turn around and look for a wooden cart, and a pedestal to the right of it, which you can use to..."
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth219,360
    Posted on 03 March 14 at 09:10
    Thanks. These edits have been made to the walkthrough.
  • TressilationTressilation1,085,762
    Posted on 11 February 18 at 23:55
    Firstly, thanks for this -- was super helpful. Wanted to make one note ...

    "Roman Rainstorm bar by grabbing stunned Romans, and instead of spinning them, hit RT to punch them up into the clouds. "

    Grab with y then and hit dash while holding the roman, which is done with B. RT does nothing for you :). Might be worth noting as well if you do this right you'll see an onscreen counter on the middle-left side of your screen.
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