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*SPOILERS* School Room Question

  • Posted on 05 April 13 at 09:50Permalink
    Hi all.

    OK so firstly I'll admit that I cheated somewhat for the last few puzzles. (the heart pieces and the more crazy anti-cube ones)

    But now I've got everything, I know how the numbers and letters work and it's all good. However there is 1 sign, which I still don't see the relevance of. It's in the school room in the big head village, the symbols are arranged like words but I'm fairly sure that they aren't words. When translated; they translate to "45 614436 223 354335" and that looks like a phone number... but it doesn't call anywhere interesting :(

    So does anyone know whether this sign has a meaning or whether it's just there to screw with us? It certainly sent me down some incorrect paths when trying to figure out the numbers because it includes the different versions of the same numbers where as normally they'd use the same one on a single sign.
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