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Information Posted on 17 January 13 at 02:43
Dandorra has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for

You can view the flags they submitted here: Flag submission by Dandorra for Street Fighter x Tekken
Posted on 17 January 13 at 08:26
Thank you for your submission. Flagged as suggested with some minor modifications.

Street Fighter X TekkenEvangelist Of The "X"The Evangelist Of The "X" achievement in Street Fighter X Tekken worth 137 pointsHave your replay downloaded 20 times in My Channel's Broadcast Mode.

^ Changed co-op into single player as this if how we flag those "community" achievements: online required + single player

Street Fighter X TekkenZenithThe Zenith achievement in Street Fighter X Tekken worth 0 pointsUnlock all Achievements.

^ Added difficulty specific (some achievements are difficulty related) and removed time consuming as the achievement itself is not time consuming. You get it while going for the others.!/MusquitoBE
Posted on 18 January 13 at 01:48
ok, nice to know for future flagging. I'm fine with that.
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