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Red Stripe Deals: May 1st, 2014

  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,205,638
    Posted on 04 May 14 at 12:31
    Chromium Stars said:
    xPut Name Herex said:
    If they had bothered to update their game to make it universal they might have had my dollars, but I think I'll pass as it is.
    The WP7 has just classic/blitz modes.

    The Win8 has a lot of the side games from Bejeweled 3. Lots of differences between the two...
    I will clarify. By universal, I mean the new feature Microsoft added that allows developers to make it so its only one purchase across Windows 8.1 and WP8.1. So a "Microsoft universe" app.
    Gamers have only two hobbies: playing games, and complaining about those games.
  • Posted on 08 May 14 at 11:54
    Ohhh. Got ya. Now the new WP8 one and the Win8 one I think could be universal if I remember correctly if they wanted them to be. But, y'know, EA, so I am not betting on these ones getting it especially several months post-release. Tetris Blitz seems to be the only one getting bunches of updates.
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