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XBL Sale Roundup: April 15th, 2014

  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce1,678,187
  • eHeadacheseHeadaches246,842
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:20
    now thats a sale!
  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:21
    Time to spend money dance
  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:23, Edited on 15 April 14 at 23:23 by Early Blossom
    Massive wall of text shock
    Thank you for the effort in providing us with such detailed information!
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  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:24
    Oh man, totally picking up tons of DLC and season passes
  • KasugaSamaKasugaSama123,326
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:26
    holy dlc batman
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  • EmDeeGeeEmDeeGee928,307
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:28
    Big kudos for making this truly massive post. Thanks TA!
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  • OMG IT5 EJOMG IT5 EJ1,329,491
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:28
    Just picked up episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us :)
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:30
    Fallout New Vegas DLC for me...
  • Mike PitchMike Pitch1,442,345
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:31
    Picked up the Bloodbath arena for Dead Island, been waiting for that since it was GwG.

    I got Toy Soldiers for free in some promotion but haven't played it may pick up that dlc.

    Can't believe the Skyrim DLC is 75% off, I've still not gotten to it but picked it up when it was 50%, kinda kicking myself now. (I'm thrifty lol)
  • ChrisChrimboChrisChrimbo695,865
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:33
    Picked up The wolf among us episode 2 and Arkham origins season pass for now.
  • DragonlingDragonling778,880
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:33
    Way to get it all out there Chewie! Now go rest your eyes before you pass out.
  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:34
    everyone get your wallets out, awesome list EASY WAY TO MAKE $3 XBOX LIVE BY USING BING
  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:36
    glad to see a good sale after a good previous sale... keep it up MS
  • TitleInLargeTitleInLarge283,988
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:36
    Finally!! The Skyrim dlc is on offer!! And at a fantastic discount!! :D i'm glad I waited.

    Just want to warn everyone that the Saints Row IV game on demand has gone back up to £24.99.
    I hope this is a glitch which will be sorted out and hopefully not a tampered corrupt price increase. I didn't have enough earlier and had to add points tonight, until it changed back to the original price.
    Diamond Thing
  • Nameless SaintNameless Saint1,738,090
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:39
    Good Sale, lots I will be buying.
  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:41
    If I am to only buy one Dishonored DLC, which one should it be?
  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:42
    Btw I tried to buy Saints Row 4 earlier in the day when it was listed at $14.99, gave me an error message saying the deal had changed. It is actually $29.99, which is reflected if you click the link. Guess they don't want my money... picked up Prototype 2 instead.
  • Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:42
    They corrected part of it. Saints Row IV is no longer on sale, just the DLC. The game itself is back up to $30, though it's $13.59 on Steam currently, if you don't care about achievements, but who am I kidding?
  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,324,608
    Posted on 15 April 14 at 23:47
    If you want the AC4 DLCs with achievements only, it's cheaper to purchase them separately rather than get the Season Pass (as a lot of its content does not contain achievements).

    Also, if you want the AC4 Season Pass for the Xbox One, you can buy it on the 360, and then redeem it for free on the One (even if you don't have either version of the game). This works til May 31st. So there's a roundabout Xbox One sale in there.
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