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Looking for a Sweet Max Payne 3 Player

  • jukematejukemate323,085
    Posted on 14 March 13 at 22:48Permalink
    Looking for a gamer that plays Max Payne 3 kind of often, I love the game but I need to get some online achievements and having a dude that actually knows most of the online gameplay will give me an advantage. Hit me up if you are interested and we can play Max Payne 3 some time.
    Jukemate WOOT WOOT
  • B0WM4NXB0WM4NX384,946
    Posted on 08 July 13 at 01:56Permalink
    Im game if you wanna get a few online achievements, I know a lot of them only need 2 people. Add me :)
    -Your Death In Silence- B.O.A
  • eHeadacheseHeadaches238,083
    Posted on 14 August 13 at 23:44Permalink
    Im just about to re kindle max payne after a rest so please add me also if you wish, please send a msg with it just saying max payne ta
  • L1ttlemikeL1ttlemike284,022
    Posted on 09 February 14 at 15:40Permalink
    Bit late to the party but I'm doing the online now and would like to get some achievements done myself

    If anyone sees this hit me up
    "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time" - Marthe Troly-curtin
  • Posted on 27 March 14 at 14:50Permalink
    Anybody in here still wanting to boost the online? Just re-downloaded it and all the DLC and I'm wanting to get it all done as soon as possible
  • GearDoGiGearDoGi446,326
    Posted on 31 March 14 at 19:15Permalink
    Add me to help/boost each other multiplayer achievements!
    GT: GearDoGi
  • TheAllStaarTheAllStaar331,458
    Posted on 07 June 14 at 16:44Permalink
    Add me anyone,I'm game for max Payne to.anyone wana do kills?to unlock hardcore mode,that's were the xp is
  • MrRobertoNZMrRobertoNZ129,361
    Posted on 20 August 14 at 04:22Permalink
    I still need a couple. Willing to help anyone. Let me know thanks
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