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Wtf online?

Dr Grimoure
Dr Grimoure
Posted on 30 August 09 at 00:11
Since there is a crap load of online achievements, I decided to go to the multiplayer... Bad bad idea. Not only does every server have 1 bar of latency everyone that is in it also has 1 bar.

Long story, short:

I am the only one on the internet at my house, why is every server lagging with everyone on that server lagging?

Is their anything I can do? Or is it just the game?

This happened when I rented Street Fighter IV the first week it came out, no matter what I did everything was lagging like shit.
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No 1 Richy
No 1 Richy
Posted on 31 August 09 at 00:31
I've played 17 hours online according to the stats, I've only had one or two 'laggy' games. There are lots of problems with the multiplayer game, in a nutshell, but I'll always find a good half dozen servers with the full green bar, and I quite often host myself but then I have 14 megs down/1.4 megs up.

Wolfie *is* bad but I think this your problem as well, no bandwidth or some cr*ppy ISP like Tiscali, forget about them and gaming.
Posted on 20 September 09 at 16:49
Strange. I have the best connections on servers that have 1 bar under the lag header. I figured five bars was the best, so my first game was on one with 4 bars. Lagged like no other. Then played one with 1 bar and almost no lag. Then again, my internet is 40mb/s up, 20mb/s down, so that could affect it. But I think the fewer the bars, the less lag there is.
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