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Walkthrough Rules and Information

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    Since some of the content in this thread was a little outdated and some things weren't covered that maybe new writers needed to know or were asking often about, I thought it was time we updated the information surrounding walkthroughs.

    I've split this into 2 sections, rules and information. Some of the rules needed clarifying or have been updated since this thread was last changed, and some information was missing entirely and we had a lot of repeat questions on it, so I thought I'd make it a bit more detailed and add in the new information too.


    If you are curious about a certain part, click on the relevant link above. If you are a first time writer, I would highly recommend reading all of it before jumping right in to answer some of the questions you may already have.

    Thanks for your interest in improving TrueAchievements, it's seriously appreciated by the site as a whole!

    Dang3R Gaming - Walkthrough Manager
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    Walkthroughs In-Progress
    You can only be an owner on one walkthrough that is in-progress at a time (exceptions are rarely made on this rule). You can also be the Editor/Transformer (so contribution roles) on two walkthroughs that are in-progress at the same time too. So at max, you can be on 3 in-progress walkthroughs.

    To be assigned a walkthrough, the game must be on your gamercard here on TrueAchievements, this doesn't mean it has to be completed, it just needs to be there.

    Removal From A Walkthrough
    The management reserves the right to remove an owner from a walkthrough. This will usually happen in cases where they aren't completing/making strides towards completing their work on a walkthrough. It can also include the possibilities where an owner decides they no longer want to work on a walkthrough or decide they don't have the time to commit, so ask to be removed.

    Our general rule of thumb is, try to make at least one significant edit a month. This doesn't mean thousands of words, it could be 4-5 paragraphs, but we need to see significant work coming from writers otherwise some highly requested walkthroughs can sit in limbo for months (and we know how important that can be to some of you).

    Generally, your overseer will check in when you haven't made an edit in at least 3-4 weeks. We don't mind what the reason is, but we just like to know if you're still interested, so just be honest with us. If you don't reply or ignore the message, another will be sent within a week, do the same with that and you will be removed from your walkthrough. If you receive multiple warnings without doing enough work in between, it's also likely you will be removed (we can only give you so many chances after all).

    3-Strike Policy
    After having some issues in the past, a 3-strike policy was introduced. If you are removed from or drop 3 walkthroughs you will be barred from being assigned walkthroughs in the future. This is subject to discussion and the ban may be lifted if you completed walkthroughs between the drops/removals or you have published work from the past. This is mostly in place for writers in the past that would drop a lot of walkthroughs without finishing the majority of them.

    Content Rules
    It's important to note that there is a reason that some walkthroughs can take a while to be published. We always aim to create a high-quality product. If the walkthrough is not up to our standards, we will work with you to improve it, but it will not be published until it up to the standards of the Walkthrough Managers. There are some rules in place for the content itself though:

    1. No video walkthroughs
    Videos are allowed, but they cannot be the backbone of the walkthrough. You must have a full text-walkthrough, the video can be a visual aid to it, but not the primary part of the walkthrough.

    2. No pasted solutions
    The walkthrough must function as though the player is entirely new to the game, if you assume they know nothing about it, then it will be of more use when they do find themselves stuck. Just an achievement solution walkthrough (for example, listing all story achievements and saying "These will unlock as you go" and then giving small solutions for each miscellaneous achievement) is not a walkthrough. Even the sections in-between should be written.

    3. No bullet point walkthroughs
    This doesn't mean bullet points themselves. This refers to walkthroughs where there are one or two lines between achievements. We understand though that some games are very short and so one or two lines between achievements would cover everything in an in-depth walkthrough.

    4. Collectables
    Collectables should be written into the main Walkthrough, not separated onto a different page. They should also be bolded. This may sound silly, but for those that maybe don't want to use the full text Walkthrough and just want to find the collectables, this makes it much easier to find the information they need.

    Copyright Content
    Walkthroughs must follow the same rules listed for solutions: Solution Guidelines

    In almost all cases, we prefer that you ask for permission to use someone else’s content, as well as an attempt made to differentiate your product from theirs. Of course, originality is always best if possible. All messages with permissions from the owner should be forwarded to your assigned overseer, and either Dang3R Gaming or RadicalSniper99.

    If you can't get permissions, we can't use it on the site.

    You cannot copy achievement solution texts even if you get permission. All written content must be original. This is the one thing that must be individualistic to our site. As mentioned below, lists are free of this rule. Do not link to other users’ solutions on TA.

    If you want to borrow an image or a video that isn't from YouTube, you must get permission from the creator. If they deny your request, you're out of luck. If they require that you credit them, make sure to do that. You need permission from BOTH the website that is hosting it and the original creator (if they are different). If it is hosted on more than one site, you only need permission from the creator. This message should be forwarded to either Dang3R Gaming or RadicalSniper99.

    Once a walkthrough is published on TA, it becomes TA's intellectual property. The walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. If you put it on TA, we don't want it reproduced on other sites. If you host another site and care to use a walkthrough, you're allowed to post a link to our site's walkthrough, but you are not allowed to copy and paste it.

    Similarly, we would prefer no external links to other sites. Exceptions are granted on exceptional cases.
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    Please note that Walkthroughs on TrueAchievements are wiki style. This means that multiple users have the potential to work on one Walkthrough. Whilst this is the case, each Walkthrough can only have one "Owner". Any other users that worked on the Walkthrough are labelled as either an "Editor" or "Contributor". Upon publication of a Walkthrough, the person who has contributed the most to the Walkthrough in terms of content will be labelled as the Owner, as determined by the Walkthrough Team. After the initial publication, the Owner status has the possibility to change still.

    This also means that whilst you may be labelled as the Owner, all Walkthrough content is still managed by the site itself. If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not volunteer to write one!

    One of our most frequently asked questions is: "Is there a time limit?". The simple answer is "No, but...". We don't have a time limit in the time the Walkthrough needs to be finished by, but we do on how often you are editing it. See the rules above for more information on this.

    Once the Walkthrough has been created, you will be assigned an Overseer. They will be your main port of call should you have any questions. They will be checking on your day to day progress, and if you are not actively working on the guide, giving you a poke to see if ownership may need revoking. We try to assign an Overseer that has experience with the game, but this won't always be the case. We do this so that they are capable of fact-checking the Walkthrough and making sure the information is all correct

    Once the Walkthrough has been declared finished by the Owner/Editor(s), the Walkthrough Team will check over the Walkthrough. This is to ensure that it is up to standards on content and that spelling and grammar is correct, so it flows well and usable. Unfortunately, this means that there may be some time before a walkthrough is published. On the other hand, this guarantees (in most cases, we are all prone to mistakes after all) that they are of high quality.

    We try to have a turnaround of around 10 days from when the writer(s) declare their Walkthrough Ready for Review. This time is there for us to check over everything in-depth and make sure it's in order to the best of our ability. Obviously, there are exceptions based on the length of the Walkthrough but also their free time (we are volunteers after all, at times we will be busy). Due to this, some Walkthroughs are published quickly, whilst others can take much longer.

    Walkthroughs are meant to be efficient methods for going through a game to obtain the achievements. We are not looking for a group of solutions posted together, or a thread of videos pasted into the editor. We ask for full written Walkthroughs with enough information that the user should be able to finish the game without the use of other sources.

    Every Walkthrough will be broken down into pages. How this is laid out is up to each individual writer. You will be able to access them upon volunteering for the walkthrough in this thread: Volunteer to write a walkthrough or by going to the Walkthrough tab of a game with no Walkthrough and requesting it via the form there (we are easing into this until all of the kinks are sorted, so the thread will still be used on the side in the meantime).

    Management Hub
    This is the first step to creating a Walkthrough. Once you have been assigned your first Walkthrough, a new tab "Manage Walkthroughs" will appear. You can find it under your Community tab at the top of the page and it will be one of the bottom options. This will take you to a hub with all of the Walkthroughs you have any editing access to. Clicking on one will allow you to set: The "Playthroughs Required" and "Completion Time". Both of these are required for publication.

    If you are the Owner on a Walkthrough or set as the Transformer in cases where you are porting a Walkthrough, you will be able to add pages to the Walkthrough with the "Add Page" button. You will then name it and need to click Save to add it to the list. Here you can also change the names of the other pages (we suggest you leave the Overview and Hints and Tips pages in their original order and with their original name), as well as change the order in which they appear. If you are assigned as an editor, however, you will need to contact your assigned Overseer or one of the Managers to add the page for you.

    To edit a Walkthrough, either click on "View and edit content" or click the little page and pencil icons to the right of the page name in the list. The first option will take you to an Overview where you can select pages in a dropdown menu and edit them from there. The second option will take you straight into the editor for that page.

    The pages every Walkthrough will have there by default are: Walkthrough Overview, General Hints and Tips & Story Walkthrough. As said above, we prefer you keep the first two, but the Story Walkthrough can be expanded into multiple pages or renamed if desired.

    As a general layout of what will go on these pages:
    Walkthrough Overview
    This page is a summary/overview of the Walkthrough. It should be relatively short and only mention the basics of what you should accomplish in each playthrough and/or the order in which certain achievements should be tackled.

    General Hints and Tips
    This contains just that; general hints and tips. Here you can also give warnings for missable achievements, hints and tips on how to improve at the game or help progress on tricky areas, add cheat codes (if applicable and they don't block achievements) etc. Many recent Walkthroughs have also included a basic overview of the controls and if they might have adjusted the control scheme of them for the sake of simplicity or to make the game easier to handle.

    Story Walkthrough
    This page and any further changes will contain the actual Walkthrough. Note that sometimes this page may be named differently. Depending on the type of game, this page and any further will also be set up differently based on the writer's preference. Put simply, the Walkthrough should contain all of the achievements in a logical order, with sufficient details to unlock and progress through the parts of the game between. We are not looking for a bunch of solutions posted together.

    As stated in the Rules above, there is a reason our walkthroughs can take a while to be published, as we aim to put out high-quality products.

    If you read the rules above on content, they are not in any way meant to deter those of you who are interested, they're just meant to fully inform you so you know exactly where we stand. Keep in mind, those scenarios rarely happen. Also going back to the wiki style point above, since we can't verify every bit of information, we have our Walkthroughs work wiki style so they can be constantly improved!

    There are many items that should be included in a Walkthrough, depending on the game. Please note that if something is required for an achievement, it's required in the Walkthrough as well (e.g. Collectables)

    Feel free to include images and video if you want (just remember that the videos have to back-up a text Walkthrough, not be on their own). To insert a YouTube video, simply post the URL where you would like it to appear in the Walkthrough. Video credit is strongly encouraged, but not enforced. To insert images, if from another source (say imgur, you'll need permission if it's not your own!), then post the URL. If you have your own images you have taken or created for the Walkthrough, you can upload them to TrueAchievements (no chance they'll be taken down, unlike external hosting sites) by using the "Add Images" button on the right side of the toolbar when editing. You can then select the image and it will post the generated link for it in the Walkthrough.

    Finally, please use the achievement links in your Walkthrough. To do this, either select it in the dropdown when editing a walkthrough (this will be explained more in a little bit, and make more sense once you have access) or copy and paste the URL. Make sure it is the general URL though! As you don't want it being the URL for a specific gamer that has unlocked it.

    All Walkthroughs must include all achievements in the base game. DLC achievements are optional (but highly recommended). You cannot publish a Walkthrough if you have not attached the achievements.

    How to use the Editor
    This is where organisation comes into play. Note that you don't have to use any of the features provided, but some of them can be extremely useful. The Walkthrough editor comes with various buttons attached to the toolbar for use. Most of these tools are self-explanatory, such as Bold, Italic Underline etc. However, you're likely unfamiliar with a few Walkthroughs specific options:

    Controller Buttons - Adds the icon of whatever Xbox button you choose (puts in a [ ] code that will change into the image of the button when previewing outside of the editor)

    Add Achievements - This trophy looking icon will give you a list of all of the achievements (and in some cases challenges, which you can ignore) for a game. Clicking on one will paste the URL where you were typing last. When you save and enter the editor again, ones with an * next to them are not linked on any page in the Walkthrough, ones without are, so it's easier to track what you still need to add in.

    Anchor - This redirects the user to a defined point (by you) on the current page. An example: You have an end game collectable clear up page, you have anchors at the point where you have talked about, or given guides for each different collectable type at the top to save the user scrolling through to find the one they need.

    Paragraph - This is a dropdown that allows you to edit the size of your text, more so headers and titles, not a general resizing. Another note: Only heading based text seems to save as centred rather than the default starting at the left side.

    Insert/Edit Link - Allows you to link to sources outside of the editor (such as maps or photos) and just display the text of your choice which will be a clickable link.

    Add Images - TA has its own image hosting. If you have an image you want to use, save it to your computer so you can upload it here through the editor. It will automatically generate a link for you to use, which you can then click on the image to paste into the Walktrough. Pleaset note that deleting an image will void the link! Keep all of your Walkthrough photos saved there.

    There are also some coding options you can use for the Walkthrough as well. As with other places on the site, to use them replace the { } symbols with [ ].

    Warning Message - {warningmessage}TEXT{/warningmessage} - Presents the text in a red warning box.

    Info Message - {infomessage}TEXT{/infomessage} - Presents the text in a blue box (less dramatic than the last one).

    Spoilers - {spoiler}TEXT{/spoiler} - Allows you to hide information that might contain spoilers so the user has to click to reveal it.

    If you want you can also use {b}, {u} or {i} if you don't want to click the button, but it's probably easier to press Ctrl and the corresponding letter instead.

    Finally, you should always save your work before exiting. An autosave feature has been implemented to hopefully stop any unwanted loss of work through crashes, but it's not always perfect, so save often instead. Normal add-ons to your browser will also work inside the editor (e.g. Grammarly).

    And finally, here are some good examples of Walkthroughs published here on TrueAchievements for various genres of games. If you're still having trouble on how to format your Walkthrough or thinking of how much detail is needed, it's recomennded to follow a structure similar to the ones below.

    Action-Adventure - Valiant Hearts: The Great War Walkthrough
    Horror - Silent Hill HD Collection Walkthrough
    Platformer - Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition Walkthrough
    Point & Click - My Brother Rabbit Walkthrough
    Roguelite - The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Walkthrough
    RPG - Stranger of Sword City Walkthrough
    Shooter - BioShock Walkthrough
    Visual Novel - Phantom PHANTOM OF INFERNO Walkthrough
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