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Borderlands 2 orange weapons

Far King Brutal
Posted on 25 October 12 at 05:08
Hey everyone, I'm at this point I think I'm the unluckiest person to play borderlands 2, I can't find any level 50 orange weapons after playing through the game 5 or 6 times and repeating boss like doc mercy more than 40 times with nothing, so I'm wondering if anybody can duplicate any weapons for me by joining my game dropping them off and quoting back to dash board, Thanks

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 25 October 12 at 07:42
I have level 50 orange weapons, shields, and customizations i'd dupe for you send me a FR i'll be on tomorrow.
Far King Brutal
Posted on 26 October 12 at 05:39
Thank you for the orange weapons, they're awesome but I'm wondering if anyone's got a baby maker smg
In Gyi Yoon
In Gyi Yoon
Posted on 26 October 12 at 19:38
I'm lvl 19 and i loot orange weapons sometime .. So yes you are a little unlucky ^^
Posted on 27 October 12 at 13:04
I have baby maker, definitely corrosive, and maybe regular as well not sure. message me on xbl, and tell me why you messaged me. no random friend requests please!
Posted on 27 October 12 at 19:38
I have the bee shield level 50 and a few orange mods, relics and guns.
Been farming the warrior about 50 times now for conference call but no luck. Gimme a shout and I can dupe some for you.
klub sodas
klub sodas
Posted on 28 October 12 at 04:47
I've got two different conference calls lvl 50. Would love to get a bee shield from someone.
Posted on 28 October 12 at 06:58
Hit me up sodas
The1 N8theGreat
Posted on 29 October 12 at 06:55
Looking for level 50 "Akaline the bee" shield and baby maker if anyone has them.
T3B Good Shot
T3B Good Shot
Posted on 01 November 12 at 01:26
I'm looking for a level 50 infinite pistol with corrosive element
one with a fire element and
one with an electrical element.
If anyone has them please hook me up.

I have allot of legendary items but want a whole set.

Will repay in kind for the generosity.
Posted on 01 November 12 at 09:30
looking for lvl 50 infinite pistol (or lower) two of them if possible. doesn't matter if elemental or not. I will pay handsomely for. msg me and let me kno who yu are thanks in advance
klub sodas
klub sodas
Posted on 01 November 12 at 18:06
I have an unending infinity lvl 50.

Looking for tediore 30/70 relic if anyone has it.
The1 N8theGreat
Posted on 10 November 12 at 05:28
Anyone have any rare skins or heads?
Posted on 15 November 12 at 14:04
I don't believe that the Baby Maker actually exists or that Terramorphous drops anything other than class mods. I've farmed all three sources hundreds of times in PT 2.5 and nothing.
DreamSmasher X
Posted on 16 November 12 at 04:03
Looking for +30% Shock damage Relic, Shock CC(Any), Shock Norfleet. For trade/dupe I have a couple different CCs (Fire, Slag, Corrosive), Corrosive White Death, Legendary Mods for all classes but Assassin, Deep a Nukem, Kawaii Killer head(Siren), and a Unending Infinity.
Posted on 16 November 12 at 17:54
Thanks -Souleater
The1 N8theGreat
Posted on 23 November 12 at 22:12
Looking for any of the following, Message me if you wish to trade or dup
Shields - Impaler,Neogenator, tortoise, transformer, or cradle
Grenades - Fastball or Bouncing Bonny
Posted on 24 November 12 at 02:03, Edited on 25 November 12 at 00:29 by DrSchlepenstein
I'm looking for:

LVL 50 - Legendary Mods (Gunzerker)
Rare Character Skins (not heads) for all characters, mainly ones dropped from bosses.

I have:

LVL 50 - Conference Call (corrosive, slag, fire)
LVL 50 - Bee Shield (electric, corrosive, fire)
LVL 50 - Proactive Bitch (fire)
LVL 50 - Rightsizing Bitch (non-elemental)
LVL 50 - Thermogenic Longbow
LVL 50 - Cohesion Hybridification
LVL 50 - Speedee Badaboom
LVL 50 - Breath of Terramorphous (longbow and rubberized)
LVL 50 - Proficiency Relic (35% action skill cooldown)
LVL 50 - Slayer of Terramorphous Mod (commando, mechromancer, siren, assassin, gunzerker)
LVL 50 - Legendary Mechromancer Mod
LVL 46 - Legendary Commando Mod
LVL 41 - Legendary SIren Mod
LVL 30 - Legendary Mechromancer Mod
Special Edition Snowblind Commando Head
Special Edition Fired Up Commando Skin
Posted on 24 November 12 at 07:34
I no longer need the Shock CC, my friend got one and duped it for me, but I still need the other stuff. I'll send you message when I get back online.
Posted on 25 November 12 at 00:12, Edited on 25 November 12 at 00:13 by DrSchlepenstein
I just sent you a message over Live. I didn't notice that you had edited your message or I would have sent you an invite into my game earlier. I'll be online for the next few hours.
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