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NG3:RE GonD including Online-pass

Posted on 26 June 14 at 00:01
As stated in the title, does anyone know if the GonD-Version of this comes with the onlinepass or has to be bought seperately?
Deadpool 1194
Posted on 27 June 14 at 13:16
Your best bet is to read the fine print on the download. I would imagine it includes the pass, as by definition you are buying it new. However some companies *cough* EA *cough* are known to be pretty shady in not including the pass with GoD titles.
I did a quick google search, but couldn't find anything specifically related to this game. It should tell you in the fine print if it does. Imho though, GoD titles are always extortionate, and you're way more likely to get a good deal from amazon or a retailer even if you have to buy the online pass on top of that.
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