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Pac-Man CE DX+ Shown Off At Tokyo Game Show

  • Posted on 20 September 13 at 12:17
    I was hoping that CE DX+ would be a whole new game across three platforms. DLC is cool, but I wanted more stacks! cry
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  • InkyInky207,533
    Posted on 20 September 13 at 14:39
    From Twitter's @lifelower:

    Full version of PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX has been removed (from the Marketplace). Probably re-releasing as DX+ on Sep 25th.
    I'm guessing there will still be a title update for those who already own the existing game.
  • NawtyCawtyNawtyCawty841,216
    Posted on 20 September 13 at 18:08
    Sol Corona said:
    Pure Vapour 420 said:
    grex9101 said:
    No new achievements then?

    Not if you enjoy playing it... redface
    Agreed. Games should always come first; achievements second.
    Plus the fact only about 0.05% of the gaming world actually care about achievements dance
  • JASON3535JASON3535771,251
    Posted on 22 September 13 at 07:24
    The PAC man CE game was one of my funnest arcade challenges. Not for the achievements just the personal accomplishments of challenging myself but it's another pinball fx update but hopefully anyone who needs to complete it can before the achievements become unattainable . At least pacman is easier than pinball fx. I. Won't be spending the $10 as it will be on sale for the thanksgiving or Christmas sales likely.
  • InkyInky207,533
    Posted on 23 September 13 at 08:50, Edited on 23 September 13 at 16:53 by Inky
    The add-on pack is $7.99 for Steam according to this page so that's probably what it will wind up being on XBLA, too.


    According to that page, in the Steam version, the courses, skins, and songs will be available separately:

    Big Eater Course: $1.99
    Championship III and Highway II Courses: $1.99
    Mountain Course: $1.99
    Dig Dug Skin: $1.99
    PAC Is Back/PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures Skin: $1.99
    Rally-X Skin: $1.99
    PAC-Steps Background Music: $0.99
    Re-Entrance Background Music: $0.99

    So, $14 if you were buy that stuff piecemeal, or $8 in the bundle. No idea if these things will be available separately through XBLA.
  • InkyInky207,533
    Posted on 25 September 13 at 11:07
    Everything is up this morning. It's all available separately or in the bundle, for the same prices as listed above. No new achievements, even with the DLC. Twelve medals, and several of those involve sharing to Facebook. There is an in-game reward for getting all the medals.
  • Posted on 25 September 13 at 12:29
    Grabbed the DX+ on Windows 8... not as impressive as I was hoping....
  • JASON3535JASON3535771,251
    Posted on 26 September 13 at 15:41
    Well hopefully they don't waste our time messing up the old achievements with patch . $8 to share pacman in Facebook wth?
    I just can't see that. Oh well time will tell thanks for the updated new for steam and prices I appreciate it even though no steam account. I think I'm like one of those few kids who can't get Facebook except for steam lol. Eventually I hope
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