Game Discussion: Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers

Unable to unlock additional cards for the base game decks that were added by DLC

  • Posted on 19 September 13 at 18:11
    So both me and my roomate have not been able to unlock the cards that are added for the orignal 10 decks with the DLC. tried playing in both the expansion campaign and the orignal campaign, with no luck. Anyone know if this is a known glitch, or is there a specifc way of unlocking these different then other cards?
  • XtowersXtowers817,449
    Posted on 19 September 13 at 21:07, Edited on 19 September 13 at 21:08 by Xtowers
    There aren't any additional cards added to the base decks with the DLC. Are you stuck at 30/40? You probably just need to enter these promo codes to unlock them:

  • Posted on 20 September 13 at 05:55
    Ive used the codes, I'm at 36 out of 40. It shows 4 cards for each deck in the locked section.
  • XtowersXtowers817,449
    Posted on 20 September 13 at 14:23
    I'm not saying I don't believe you, but are you sure you've use all of them? I had 40/40 even before I got the expansion. There might be a bug or something, but having only 36/40 for each deck really makes me think you missed 4 out of the 10 promo codes. If you really cannot unlock them you might want to send a message to Wizards or something. I haven't read anything about a bug like this, so it may not be a known issue.
  • Posted on 01 October 13 at 04:59
    None of the promo codes work for me either, sucks. Tried adjusting my settings with no change.
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