Game Discussion: UNO & Friends (WP)

App Crashes before it's even open

  • RADtech2448RADtech2448464,507
    Posted on 03 May 14 at 19:00
    Been unable to even open the game for a few days now. It gets to the "Loading" screen, then crashes.
    Anyone else having this problem? Any fixes?
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant992,015
    Posted on 06 May 14 at 14:07
    I get this every time. It takes 3 attempts to launch it. Using Lumia 920
    Hey Niko, its your cousin! Let's go bowling!
  • Posted on 14 June 14 at 06:21
    Same happens to me too.
  • maguzzolomaguzzolo633,985
    Posted on 25 December 14 at 11:36
    Always crashes when connecting to xbox live....
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