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  • Posted on 21 August 13 at 09:39
    Please use this thread to discuss the Quake 4 walkthrough
  • DarkDan88DarkDan88339,213
    Posted on 21 August 13 at 10:30
    Hello, I am DarkDan88, and I will be writing a walkthrough for Quake 4.
  • Posted on 30 September 13 at 09:29
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: Quake 4 Walkthrough
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth205,415
    Posted on 30 September 13 at 09:44
    Excellent walkthrough, thanks Dan.
  • DriZzT1987DriZzT1987356,959
    Posted on 30 September 13 at 20:29
    cannot see the 750-1000hours. i only have 1 xbox but it only took me around 400 hours. with more boxes you can easily do this in around 250 hours.
  • DarkDan88DarkDan88339,213
    Posted on 07 October 13 at 19:39
    It takes 300 hours just for the leaderboards, and a further 300 just for the games played. This is not including the time it takes to complete the campaign on all four difficulties, or for getting all of the multiplayer award achievements.
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  • DarkDan88DarkDan88339,213
    Posted on 08 October 13 at 20:43
    thirtysmooth said:
    Excellent walkthrough, thanks Dan.
    No problemo.
    I'll be back, therefore I am.
  • DriZzT1987DriZzT1987356,959
    Posted on 09 October 13 at 01:12, Edited on 09 October 13 at 01:12 by DriZzT1987
    i just can say how much time i had logged. for the full 1000 i needed 412hours.
    i guess it was helpful to play 47-48matches per hour ;)
  • DarkDan88DarkDan88339,213
    Posted on 03 November 13 at 15:14
    It is 5,000 ranked matches, not 1,000. Assuming it takes 5 minutes to complete one match, it would take 417 hours. It takes roughly the same amount of time to reach Number One on the All Gametypes leaderboard. Note, that the German version of Quake 4 has it own leaderboard, which is far easier to reach the top on than the main version.
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  • DriZzT1987DriZzT1987356,959
    Posted on 03 November 13 at 20:07
    it does not take 5 minutes. maybe when you are running flags and without auto-launching o.O

    if you want to get your matches fast done you have to play DM. you maybe need 1min 30sec (with 8 accounts who meet at some point) including countdowns.
    even when you play with 2 accounts it does not take 5 minutes. you play tourney quickies. 2 minutes countdown, dummy is quitting out after ingame countdown. so maybe 2min30sec per match.
    same for number 1. i know one guy who did it with 8 consoles. i dont exactly know how long he played every day. but he got around 300k per day. i dont have that many consoles. so it took me more time. our group had 4-5 players and 3 dummy accounts. we tried 18k matches but the game was freezing after nearly every match. so we did 9k-12k matches.

    you can also ask croaker. he did it with his mate. they had both 4 boxes each. (thats also the reason why i got many matches done). i think they did around 100k-200k every day when they were playing. when they were going for matches played i joined their matches and helped. and we did around 140matches in 3 hours.

    guide is ok but estimated time for 1000GS is wrong. i got 1 xbox but got it done with some help in 412hours.
    and of course i know the difference between the international and german version...

    you dont have to reply. just wanted to make that clear.
  • DarkDan88DarkDan88339,213
    Posted on 11 November 13 at 13:55
    8 people auto-launching DM quickies can get 70 matches done in three hours. Assuming it takes 3 minutes to complete a game, it still would take 250 hours, and that is assuming there are no errors, disconnects, etc. 4 minutes per game would take 333 hours, and 5 minutes per game would take 417 hours.

    As for Number One, assuming each person has one console each, it would take 250 games per person for a four-man group, making it 1,000 games total. (1,500,000 / 6,000) x 4 = 1,000. Assuming it takes 17 minutes on average to complete a game, you are looking at 283 hours.

    That's 533 hours right off the bat for those two achievements alone, and assuming everything goes smoothly (which NEVER happens.) You have to complete the campaign four times, one on each difficulty, and wrap up all those other achievements. I have currently clocked up over 687 hours myself. I still have over 2,500 games to play, and I still have to help my guys get to Number One.
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  • Posted on 02 March 14 at 21:58
    #1 is now at 1,568,690.

    And I can confirm it does take anywhere between 4 to 6 minutes per match (2 min countdown (if less than 8) time to search + the match itself and if everyone is moving assuming that you're not in a lobby of dummies + the endgame screen of the host (tends to lag, freeze, or disconnect in some instances)) having a full party of 8 gives you XBL errors every 4 matches and some matches won't count for some people (CTF and DM). Having a lobby with X number people and another lobby with X number of people total to 8 gives you a better chance of matches counting and reduces the number of errors to about 7 or even 10 matches (DM, not sure how well it works in CTF). Quit outs work, but they tend to be glitchy and not everyone will have a match count.
  • DriZzT1987DriZzT1987356,959
    Posted on 04 March 14 at 03:14, Edited on 04 March 14 at 03:19 by DriZzT1987
    it is your fault when you are playing with a full party. you can easily play around 15 matches by searching on your own. when all players search at the same time some of them get their own lobby. the trick is to play with 1 additional dummy. this dummy starts searching when the other match has started. so every players connects to this lobby when the match is over without any additional lobbies.
    meet at one point and let 1 player do the 5 kills (you dont even have to wait for a respawn).
    i had to be quick. they got both 4 boxes. when i was searching like 3 seconds too late i had to wait for the next match. they were connecting really fast (around 140 matches in 3 hours like i said before).

    i got my number 1 at ~1.1million. so this might be a reason why i got it earlier.smile
  • LeXXuzLeXXuz704,530
    Posted on 21 August 17 at 21:47
    Now that's what I call a walkthrough! Not just a bunch of added up achievement solutions. Thanks a lot! smileclap
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