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Doritos Crash Course GO Announced

  • ShadowPandaShadowPanda201,790
    Posted on 07 April 13 at 22:00
    CASS190684 said:
    Looks good for when I get Win 8 in the future.
    Wait why didn't you hop onto it when it first came out for a great price. (Here in the UK when it came out it was priced at £50 but that deal ended at the end of January 2013 it's gone back up to full price I believe)
  • SaltyTONSaltyTON271,581
    Posted on 07 April 13 at 22:24
    Just buy a new computer like I did, £400 with a 19" widescreen. smile God bless eBay instead of buying the monitor from Dell!
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  • JakeythedudeJakeythedude751,335
    Posted on 08 April 13 at 06:12
    grex9101 said:
    bosoxdanc said:
    grex9101 said:
    Anything other than controller controls will make this a nightmare.
    I've a feeling you might be saying that a little bit early...

    By the looks of things, they're going to port it from the 360 100%. Now, my bet is that they'll change the controls over to touch/mouse.

    I'm trying to 100% Shuffle Party on win8 just now, and it is a BITCH using a laptop trackpad. Yeah, I know it's not the intended control scheme, but m$ should consider all their win8 users that don't have/use a touchscreen, or a desktop mouse for that matter.
    Get a mouse? Wireless ones can be found cheap as hell at staples/officemax/office depot.

    Anyhow it does look like an exact port.
  • Vr EnglishVr English796,457
    Posted on 08 April 13 at 07:48
    Hartland said:
    Carlillo92 said:
    This looks like the first one only for Windows 8
    My exact thoughts, it is.
    It may be a bit better but that's clearly what it is.
  • BeachemBeachem576,881
    Posted on 08 April 13 at 13:07
    I can't wait for this to come out. I'm hoping to make top 10.
    Jump right out of a creek!
  • Posted on 09 April 13 at 01:39
    very nice news
  • Dakrkplayer2Dakrkplayer21,436,894
    Posted on 09 April 13 at 02:20
    I bought 4000 points of XBLA games so far(MC,THPSHD,FV,VF2 and STF). I thinking of useding my unsued $30 walmart giftcard to get 1600 point card. And get the rest of the TWD eps. And get more achievements on my gamercard.
  • Tomsta666Tomsta666258,819
    Posted on 10 April 13 at 01:50, Edited on 10 April 13 at 01:51 by Tomsta666
    Assuming this is going to be free?

    Having just bought a new Windows 8 laptop, i'm loving all the freebie love it's been getting just recently :D
  • V3ntilatorV3ntilator223,366
    Posted on 12 April 13 at 14:06
    This game costs 1.5$ on Win 8, but it includes the payed DLC from 360.
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