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Herd mode on Xbox

speculum fight
Posted on 15 March 13 at 15:35
I am assuming this will be a multiplayer Horde mode. If anybody is going to be playing on Xbox hit me up, I am down to play
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Posted on 21 March 13 at 04:06
It's not, It's single player so hopefully they will release a multiplayer mode as DLC or something.

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Posted on 21 March 13 at 17:07
hopefully they wont put multiplayer in it not every game needs multiplayer look what is happening with the new tomb raider nobody cares about the multiplayer
Posted on 28 March 13 at 01:33
Co-op ing the Herd mode would be great but don't think it's going happen.
Just a FYI all the weapon kills and requirement kills can be achieved in Herd mode also.
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