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DOW2 Primarch

Posted on 27 June 14 at 17:25
Does anyone have saves near to the end of chaos rising and the original campaign so I can complete the game on primarch.

Many thanks

Posted on 28 June 14 at 02:29
I've been trying to find the same thing since I've played the game too many times already and don't want to do it twice more for the first game and a full replay of that crappy expansion to get the achievements.
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Posted on 28 June 14 at 04:55
My saves are on normal as my co-op partner hosted our Primach run through. If you can't find anyone, I just thought I would let you know that it isn't that bad on Primach as each time you fail a mission, it makes the enemies weaker for the next attempt.

If you just need the Primach, it doesn't take too long to run through with a good co-op partner., GTASC 2013 TA Hub -
Posted on 13 July 14 at 21:49
If your co-op partner has a save near/at the end of a Primarch run, they can just load that and you will get the achievements too.
Posted on 14 August 14 at 21:18
Im in need on these primarch achievements aswell. The main campaign aswell as the ones from chaos rising. Anyone who could help me get these would be greatly appreciated!
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