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Gears 2 still glitched im guessing

That smells bad
Posted on 05 September 10 at 16:42, Edited on 05 September 10 at 16:45 by That smells bad
So i start my new tag today, because my other tag just keeps resetting itself. If anyone can help please check it out

Games keep resetting my profile

So first game i play is gears because of the x25, thought get me to 100 again, got month live free. should take 10 games if that.

I do 2 koth sessions to get me to lvl 51 from 0, nice. get 3 achievements in 1 session. my first achievements on tag.

Mrs wants to play gears aswell to finish of her achievements. She signs in ( but signs in my old tag instead, not realising this till after). Starts some horde and bam up pops a shit load of achievements. We finished the level for the wife no achievement pops,( wave 10)

starts a new wave for other horde achievements and more achievements pop up on mine this time vetren gear and some other things awsell.

So im def like wtf now. checks and she on my old profile not her's. SO we sign her in. start horde again and this time everything that i had pop up on mine pops up on her tag this time. She's kinda happy because she got things she prob never of got, but still

But now my brand new profile its all over the place with achievements, it just looks totally wrong with the achievement icons etc getting 20 30 40 50 waves before getting complete 10 hordes.

I thought this got patched last year or has it now reapeared again because of the TU6 update screen freeze crash ( Also that the wife fell victim too, I found out how to get her back on gears on monday through the submission rank reset fix) and now this happened.
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