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Perk Achievement Not Unlocking...?!?!

Exalted Entity
Posted on 08 August 14 at 07:00
Well, at least we are seeing some progress, right?
VirusTk GaMBit
Posted on 08 August 14 at 12:16
Same with my achievements: 4 perks and one story achievement glitched for me last week on friday. I turned the game on today to find them unlocked. The unlocking date is set to the 1st of August. I also unlocked two new perk achievements today. It seems they got the problems fixed. Hope your achievements unlock as well.
Posted on 09 August 14 at 22:50
I had the same issue. Mine were date stamped the correct day but unlocked a week later.

Came back on it today, unlocked a story achievement, and 11 perk achievements. But in the middle of all them, Demolition Perk 2 did not pop. In game it shows as unlocked. So guess I will have to play the waiting game once again.
Posted on 10 August 14 at 04:37
My glitched assassin cheeve popped 19 days after I was suppose to get it.
Posted on 14 August 14 at 11:53
I just finished the game on "Death Incarnate" level twice e it just won't open the achievement.
Let's wait to see if it pops eventually.
Posted on 14 August 14 at 23:23
they did fix my 16 cheevos so i went on to finish this game. All but my last one, bullseye, popped perfectly and this one is locked. stupid!!!
Posted on 04 November 15 at 07:21
Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. I just started the game last night, and already two perks achievements didn't unlock. I usually snap the achievement app when an achievement is about to unlock. This is to ensure that I see an achievement unlock, even though when (sometimes) there isn't a pop-up notification. These two achievements didn't even appear as unlocked in the achievement app.

I did a hard reset, and thankfully this was resolved within the time I needed to do a hard reset. As in, the achievements stealthily appeared as unlocked now.

Still baffles me that the issue is still not settled for a game that's supposed to be "old".
Posted on 16 December 15 at 21:46
I've solved the third enigma code but the achievement hasn't popped, the app just says Done! Unlocking... but nothing happens. Any ideas?
Posted on 17 December 15 at 02:35
NegativeCreep08 said:I've solved the third enigma code but the achievement hasn't popped, the app just says Done! Unlocking... but nothing happens. Any ideas?Give it time, it'll unlock eventually. "Done! Unlocking..." has become something of a norm but it resolves itself most of the time.
Posted on 18 December 15 at 19:41
Unlocked today cheers
Fanta Morgana
Fanta Morgana
Posted on 11 April 16 at 11:00
got the same problem with a perk ach. It was supposed to unlock on Feb. 15th but still hasn't.
This is nearly two month overdue now. Still at done unlocking
Nutty N Cool
Nutty N Cool
Posted on 25 June 17 at 21:50
I have the same problem with some of these achievements. I've got the majority of them but there are a few that I've unlocked in game but the achievements haven't unlocked at all and I don't know what to do. The following achievements are the ones that I've got in game but haven't unlocked for some reason. Bullet feeder (Unlock assault perk 4), Endurance II (Unlock assault perk 5), Grenade pouch + (Unlock demolition perk 2), Grenade pouch ++ (Unlock demolition perk 3). I've got more achievements that are similar to this but can't remember which ones; if anyone has suggestions or ideas as to get these achievements it would be great as it's been going on for far too long now. smile
Posted on 28 September 17 at 10:29
Seems to be still bad. Also affected by this issue. Have played the game back in 2015 for a few minutes, unlocked two achievements immediately, now I have started another play through to refresh my braincells for the release of Wolfenstein 2, nothing.
What I have noticed is, that as soon as I continue playing, the game still shows that I am playing chapter 01, even though I am chapter three already and have unlocked almost every perk. Together with this strange behavior, the game is not shown as games I have played last, not on, not here on TrueAchievements. The game is only visible on my Xbox One S directly. There seems to be a really bad issue for the game to tell the Xbox / Xbox Live / Microsoft that you are actually playing it...
Posted on 14 January 18 at 17:58
Im still having this problem today in january of 2018!!! This is rediculous the only acheivment i havent finished is über but there are five or six acheivments i havent received the gamerscore for. Ive unlocked all the perks and ran through the game twice to save wyatt and fergus but havent received the fergus acheivement. REDICULOUSNESS!!
Posted on 15 June 18 at 23:49
Same here. 2 achievements not unlocking for me (yet). 'London uprising - Story, and 'Vampire' - Perk. roll
Sally I hear something, stop, STOP!
Posted on 22 June 18 at 08:06
The other day i decided to end wolfenstein; the new order but for a while i played offline and won some perks related achievements, as well as some story, gold and letters ones.
However when i powered the internet it took a while to get me the achievements, except the perk ones.
Those never appear, although i´m at 100% completion in the game.
Any thoughts?
Posted on 21 June 19 at 23:55
Mid 2019 and it’s been almost a week since I’ve earned the last achievement i have. Any tips to get this working? I’ve reset my xbox twice now
Rafael D Arroyo
Posted on 07 August 19 at 23:53
I have the same problem
Bad Dr Squatch
Posted on 23 August 19 at 20:31
I've never had any problems with the achievements not unlocking. Some have taken about an extra 10-20 seconds to pop but everything has popped so far.
Rafael D Arroyo
Posted on 08 September 19 at 23:50
For those having trouble with perk achievements not unlocking in 2019, as far as I can see, if you die, reload checkpoint or quit to main menu right after unlocking the perk, you have a high chance of the achievement not unlocking.

This happened to a total of 4 perks for me, the only solution was to start a New Game, which resets every perk and levels, and going for them again, fortunately the perks I missed were the easier ones.
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