Game Discussion: NCAA Football 08

Multiple achievements seem glitched.

  • staindgreystaindgrey222,579
    Posted on 04 September 14 at 04:03
    I just wanted to warn potential achievement hunters about my experience with this game thus far.

    I had a 1/50 achievement score because of playing this game once back in 2007. I found it for $0.50 and decided I'd go back and get all the achievements I could in order to help my total percentage.

    HOWEVER. Multiple achievements have failed to unlock for me despite my efforts, some during multiple games. These include:

    - 350 Total Passing Yards
    - 200 Total Rushing Yards
    - Player Passing Record in a Game
    - No Interceptions in a Game
    - Win by 21
    - Allow No Sacks
    - Score 35 Points
    - Player Rushing Record in a Game
    - Held Under 200 Yards
    - Held Under 100 Yards
    - Shutout
    - 50 Yard Punt
    - Block a Punt
    - Old Spice Red Zone Perfection
    - Old Spice Red Zone Shutout

    I should have earned all of these over the course of two games, some twice over. I checked my stats to make sure they were fulfilled. I'm not sure what's cause them to glitch, but I figured anyone thinking of picking up this seven year-old game for achievements should be aware.

    I'll be restarting my Xbox and trying for them again. I'll update if anything changes.
  • ZZBroncosZZBroncos228,150
    Posted on 05 September 14 at 03:53
    Check your settings. I think there might be something about settings, though two controllers should be ok
  • Posted on 18 November 14 at 02:50
    I've had the same issue with the ones you've listed not unlocking. I am playing my first game since a restart and if this doesn't work I am going to delete the title update and redownload it.
  • Posted on 20 August 16 at 21:41
    Can confirm that deleting Title Update and playing offline unlocks glitched achievements. Silly sports games!
    War...war never changes.
  • Posted on 17 July 17 at 15:56
    Still having trouble unlocking the perfect game achievement for bowling 300. I feel like I've done everything but still no luck
  • Blue RadiumBlue Radium1,224,552
    Posted on 19 November 21 at 06:35, Edited on 22 November 21 at 01:58 by Blue Radium
    A few years late here, but still see people unlocking achievements for this game - try power cycling your console when you notice an achievement doesn't unlock. They were known to be glitchy, even when the game first came out. May take an extra try or 2 for some achievements, happened to me a total of 4 times. Worst of which was the 6 interceptions, but none of the achievements in this game are a herculean effort.
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