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Any reason to play on difficulty other than Easy?

  • RhyoliticRhyolitic443,098
    Posted on 17 July 12 at 23:26
    Just another game that I've got and was wondering if there's any reason, aside from wanting more challenge, to play the game on anything other than Easy (or its equivalent). Like if there's any collectibles or whatnot that can only be obtained by playing on Hard.

  • WeisGuy9WeisGuy9738,177
    Posted on 18 July 12 at 00:58
    It's been a while, but I fairly certain that difficulty plays no part in any of the achievements. I don't think it even affects drop rates or items.


    If you are planning to 100% this game, be sure to read through some of the solutions on the site. Most particularly the Forging Master achievement. You'll save yourself a lot of frustration by finding out ahead of time which items to sell and which to keep, which to turn in for quests and which quests to leave incomplete, etc.

    Also check the solutions for the various endings, as this will help you toward getting some of the rare ingredients you'll need. The Eagle Egg, in particular.

    If you're not averse to using a walkthrough, you can save yourself a good deal of frustration as well. Be prepared when you get ready to farm some of the ingredients you will need, as the drop rates on a few of them are absurdly infinitesimal.
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  • RhyoliticRhyolitic443,098
    Posted on 19 July 12 at 16:48
    Thanks Weis. I hate having to play on harder difficulties just to finish the game. I'd rather enjoy the story than have to constantly reload checkpoints/saves because of constant deaths.

    Not adverse at all to walkthroughs or farming. I have, after all, played a lot of MMOs and Final Fantasy games. laugh
  • A S0TA S0T250,921
    Posted on 22 February 13 at 23:21, Edited on 24 February 13 at 04:03 by A S0T
    yeah finding better items for upgrading weapons ie. eagle egg suicide farming easier to jump off a cliff or bride 2 times instead of on easy where you jump 10 times.

    remember you must yell " i regret nothing" after each time you jump
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  • Tower BridgeTower Bridge703,991
    Posted on 14 August 13 at 16:10
    Some people claim you get better drops on Hard. That has not been my experience having played through both the US and JP versions.

    Also if going for the full 1000 the DLC helps tremendously as you can keep running the third part for Eagle Eggs, Pyrite, Gold Ore and a few other components.
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