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Star Power achievement glitch

Posted on 30 July 14 at 23:23
Hi guys,

The only achievement I require for the completion is Star Power - the achievement for winning the most stars in an online tournament.

I've played two online tournaments now - first time I won four out of the five races (because people have said stars won from races count), second time I concentrated on collecting a few stars but it neither method popped it.

When I reach the end of the race, no matter where I finished/how many stars I collected, it says "Total stars: 0" (or something along those lines). Just like in single player when you re-do a course you've done before and it only gives you the stars you didn't already have (e.g. if you get gold when before you only had silver, you'll earn five stars).

So I reckon that because I've completed all the single player stuff and got all the stars I'm now unable to get any stars in the multiplayer.

Any ideas?

Cheers guys
Posted on 31 July 14 at 22:15
I was worried that this was the issue for me as well. It is not.

just make sure the races are all from the same "world" or "theme" or it wont count as a tournament. No costumized tours.
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