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Xbox One Games With Gold Starts Next Month

  • punkyliarpunkyliar219,882
  • Jhous10Jhous10266,496
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:11
    Nice. This will be good start for Microsoft's commitment to their consumers.
  • Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:11
    I bought Dark Souls last time it was on sale - that game is seriously amazing(ly difficulty, but still fun laugh). It is certainly a game everyone should try wink
    Fully loaded, safety off. This here is a recipe for unpleasantness.
  • ICECLlMBERSICECLlMBERS240,065 240,065 GamerScore
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:11
    Woohoo I don't have either of those Games of gold! :)
  • Morpheus414Morpheus414260,341
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:12

    I never thought this would happen with Ones THIS early.

    That's INSANE. I don't even have an Xbox One and I am DYING to download this stuff ANYWAY. I don't even CARE.
  • Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:13
    Wouldn't mind playing Halo: Spartan Assault. Nice!
    Self-reliance is the key to true freedom.
  • Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:14
    Nice! I can just download them on just need to be sure to keep my gold running so I can still play them when I buy an X1
  • SprinkyDinkSprinkyDink1,978,680
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:16
    Wow Microsoft. I applaud you. You are listening to your customers and are giving us what we want and more! 4 free games a month! Woo hoo! Oh wait. More backlog:(
  • PetrifiedPetrified1,288,056
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:16
    Microsoft is finally learning
  • Dino McflyDino Mcfly354,045
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:16
    What if I download these games on a friend's Xbone and then transfer them over to my own console when I eventually get one?
  • A BatwomanA Batwoman860,085
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:16
    Without Xbox One. cry Least the price went down $399
  • DriZzT1987DriZzT1987384,934
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:17
    you do not need gold all the time. if you run out of gold you just have to rebuy gold whenever you want to play your games again. but they won't get deleted.
  • Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:17
    This is good news! Especially now that the One is going to have free games to grab. That will not only save me money, but get me back to playing my One.
    Does this smell like chloroform to you?
  • paramoreRyanparamoreRyan546,781
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:18
    Can anyone confirm if the save from a Dark Souls disc game will work on the GoD version?
  • Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:18
  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN1,574,411
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:20
    "The one thing that you will need to bear in mind is that you will need to have an active Gold membership to be able to play your free games. If you let your Gold membership lapse, you will no longer be able to play those free games."

    Oh sweet, no more stupid "PS+ iz jus rentels!1!1!!" arguments for the months when PS+ trounces GWG.

    Good first choices for GWG on the One. LOL at Charlie Murder's unobtainable achievement.
  • Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:25
    So tight.
    Heroes never die
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:27
    So I don't get it- I don't have a One yet- but I am a gold member- does it mean I can't queue the download from and download when I get the console? I am so confused.
  • Joon79Joon79556,374
    Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:29
    finally us Xbox One owners get some free games as well as 360 gamers!!!
  • Posted on 13 May 14 at 19:29
    Isn't Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition an add-on, to Super Street Fighter IV. Do we need the core game to play or is it stand alone?
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