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Is the frame rate really as bad as I've heard?

Posted on 05 March 14 at 15:48
So I've been looking over at Co-optimus for some good co-op games. This one got pretty horrible reviews for it's co-op. Mostly because the frame rate when playing can drop down quite a bit the more enemies there are on the screen. I play a fair amount of couch co-op and the review says the frame rate would drop into the single digits when played split screen.

If that's the case, I have no intention of even trying this game. Can anyone confirm or deny the slow frame rates?
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Posted on 05 March 14 at 15:53, Edited on 06 March 14 at 02:27 by Jaffa Cake King
The game does slow down when there's a lot going off on screen but it wouldn't be an EDF game if it didn't do that! When it does slow down it isn't game breaking, there's no screen tearing or juddering it's still quite smooth just a bit slow. Best couch co-op game ever. smile

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Posted on 06 March 14 at 02:58
Yeah, it's an awesome game. Definitely worth trying. The reviewers are assholes. Yes, the frame rate drops a bit now and then. Worst it gets seems to be when you're trying to level like 3 city blocks at once. Otherwise, it's really not bad.
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Posted on 07 March 14 at 02:32
I haven't played any co-op yet, but I'm about 20 hours into SP and haven't noticed any frame rate issues yet.
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Posted on 09 March 14 at 12:23
I've heard the PS3 framerate is much worse than the X360 framerate. Just compare the reviews of both versions on Amazon.
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