Game Discussion: Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

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    Posted on 12 September 08 at 16:12
    Add your name here if you have completed all of the achievements!

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    i can has noob
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    Posted on 15 November 08 at 13:23
    Posted on 14 December 08 at 16:04
    Sorry to spoil the name thing but i got 99.99% cleared with only the snitch to catch in the dorm and for the life of me i couldn't grab the little B#####D and yes i stood on every table in every angle for 2 hr's trying to grab the thing . In the end i just used spells and destroyed the room and sold the game. How annoying after cleaning floors and shit LOL angry
  • DulleNLDulleNL241,718
    Posted on 12 February 09 at 08:36
    This was actually one of my favorite games on the 360. laugh
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    Posted on 23 February 09 at 22:28

    I've had it for a while, just forgot to post here.
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    Posted on 25 February 09 at 06:11
    High Knight
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    11. albajos

    Harry Potter disappoint at the same points as the movie did. Primarily the anticlimatic ending. The love interest Cho really gets destroyed by the in game 3D, and the tender moment just look awkward. Still, I have played through the game three times now, so the game in itself is bearable, with only the climbing on the ledges as a minus, because he moves so slooowly.
    Another minus might be the minigames because they might be ridicoulous hard for some. And you have to play them so many times. And chess is really a skill game.
    All work and no play makes Jos a dull boy.
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    Posted on 18 May 09 at 11:48
    My first retail 100% smile
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    Posted on 08 June 09 at 09:53
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    You know it makes sense
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